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By the way, for those nervous about losing any playlists, you can export them beforehand, including the criteria for Smart Playlists (a feature that iTunes lacks for some reason). http://dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/ss.php?sp=exportsmartcriteria   Just download and put this apple script in your ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts folder. It will let you do 'Selected' playlists, or 'All'. Very handy.
Why would I want to start dragging a file just to see a playlist? It also only shows the devices and the 'purchased' playlist and any static lists,. The feature you describe is useful for moving or adding a file to a device or static list, but doing that to simply access your playlists makes no sense. The issue isn't about moving or adding a media file to a device. It's the fact that the playlist button only shows up under Music, rather than under movies, podcasts, music...
  I use playlists extensively and they all moved over intact. There are also scripts you can use to back them up (including Smart Lists). A good idea if you have a ton like I do.
  Visuals are under the View menu.
  You're being a bit of a drama queen. Coverflow was just a horizontal scrolling selection for albums. Does the forced switch to vertical scrolling throw your world out of kilter? Some of the posts in here are a bit amusing. At least they got it in before the Mayan calendar ends ;)
Click the dropdown in the search field and deselect 'Search Entire Library'
Hmm.. the Home Videos isn't really a new Category in your LIbrary. They still show up under 'Movies', so I'm not sure what value it has. Was really hoping they offered a new category. If someone can come up with a reason for this one I'd be curious about it. About the only benefit I see is that it just has a different Media Kind for smart lists which might make some easier, but other than that, not very useful.
You can view the next 20 tracks by clicking the playlist button right to the right of the randomize button. Probably not exactly what you're looking for, but it gives you a decent glance at upcoming tracks.
FYI, the new Home Movie option is another media type under your library, which is a welcome addition. You can tag a movie as a 'Home Movie' instead of just 'Movie'. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to show up under the sidebar list of categories under Library, but it does access them from the new horizontal 'Home Movie' button.
They should advertise that as a 48GB model. MS doesn't count the space taken by the Surface OS (Windows RT), which takes up some 12 GB..lol They've already been hit with a lawsuit over it.
New Posts  All Forums: