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You can view the next 20 tracks by clicking the playlist button right to the right of the randomize button. Probably not exactly what you're looking for, but it gives you a decent glance at upcoming tracks.
FYI, the new Home Movie option is another media type under your library, which is a welcome addition. You can tag a movie as a 'Home Movie' instead of just 'Movie'. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to show up under the sidebar list of categories under Library, but it does access them from the new horizontal 'Home Movie' button.
They should advertise that as a 48GB model. MS doesn't count the space taken by the Surface OS (Windows RT), which takes up some 12 GB..lol They've already been hit with a lawsuit over it.
So far my biggest gripe is the lack of easy access to Playlists, which has prompted me to turn the sidebar back on. If someone uses iTunes to focus on one specific type of media, this will vastly simplify their experience. They made an odd choice of hiding the playlist button for all except for music. That button then in turns shows all playlists for Music, Movies, Podcasts, etc. What they should have done is logically shown a playlist button if you have playlists for...
The randomize button is identical to what you get in iOS. It's to the right of the playback timeline (top center of the GUI) directly after the track 'end' time.
Nevermind. Turns out you can turn on the old Sidebar under the view options, so the lack of a 'Playlists' button in the top nav is something I can work around.
The playlists are only available under the Music dropdown for some reason. Probably a bug as my playlists also include movie playlists, which also show up under Music. Has anyone figured out the home movies bit yet and how it works?
They lost my business after the last upgrade gouging. Good luck with that...
I have to agree with them on the resolution. I would purchase one of them except for the aspect and sub 720P resolution. I was hoping for a higher PPI for the mini. Will wait for the next gen to see if that improves.
That brings up some VERY interesting possibilities if you could empty your optical bay, or even merge an external thunderbolt SSD option/platter solution into a custom built 'fusion' drive.   
New Posts  All Forums: