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Nevermind. Turns out you can turn on the old Sidebar under the view options, so the lack of a 'Playlists' button in the top nav is something I can work around.
The playlists are only available under the Music dropdown for some reason. Probably a bug as my playlists also include movie playlists, which also show up under Music. Has anyone figured out the home movies bit yet and how it works?
They lost my business after the last upgrade gouging. Good luck with that...
I have to agree with them on the resolution. I would purchase one of them except for the aspect and sub 720P resolution. I was hoping for a higher PPI for the mini. Will wait for the next gen to see if that improves.
That brings up some VERY interesting possibilities if you could empty your optical bay, or even merge an external thunderbolt SSD option/platter solution into a custom built 'fusion' drive.   
To be fair a simple phone call from you would have saved you some pain. The email also listed 3 options and depending on which you chose, it would impact the time taken. You could have always opted for in-home. They quoted me the same 3 days and had it done the next day. I took mine to an authorized service center rather than an Apple store though. I also use mine for work but had an older iMac 24" to fall back on.
You should definitely wipe your drive. Just boot into your repair partition and delete your OS X system partition.   Just be sure you back up any data before doing so.   As to whether or not to do a secure wipe, that's up to you. The drives are returned to Apple and I would imagine they have protocols to deal with such. It depends on your paranoia level. You do not need to reinstall anything. Just wipe the drive, and bring it in.   To boot to the repair...
Don't really care about the thickness, but I am very curious as to how this one will perform. Love the SSD Platter hybrids. So glad Apple has started offering these.
  Yes, it is now ;)
Yelp is a 3rd party app. You can choose to use it or not? See the difference?  Clearly IMHO, you see what you want to see. I have very real concerns about Google and it's abuse of privacy, which is why I avoid all of their services whenever possible. I stated my reasons above and they are valid reasons. You may feel differently, but don't assume that your views are mine.
New Posts  All Forums: