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  Yes, it is now ;)
Yelp is a 3rd party app. You can choose to use it or not? See the difference?  Clearly IMHO, you see what you want to see. I have very real concerns about Google and it's abuse of privacy, which is why I avoid all of their services whenever possible. I stated my reasons above and they are valid reasons. You may feel differently, but don't assume that your views are mine.
Western Digital used to be the standard, but in the last decade, they've become as unreliable as Seagate. Seagate oddly enough used to be the standard for SCSI drives while having a bad record with IDE. Apparently that hasn't changed much. I then switched to Hitachi which had a good record, but now they've been bought out. Our choices are rapidly disappearing :\
Because Google also has my search data, my profile data (if I use Google plus), a willingness to bypass privacy controls (See safari tracking), and a generally bad history with an obvious conflict of interest when it comes to protecting data. If you can't see the difference between a company that profits in selling data as opposed to one who profits from hardware and software, then no argument will ever satisfy you.
Yes. Anonymous location data (source/destination) including any transit data from source to target. Since Apple isn't in the business of profiting off of user data, I'm more comfortable with Apple having this info (it is necessary for mapping) rather than Google. Google on the other hand makes it's bread and butter off of ads and mining user data. Kind of like a wolf watching the hen house, and the hen house is my personal data. FYI, that last bit is for 3rd party apps...
  That was exactly what I was shooting for. I don't care about the cost of the drive and would expect to pay for a bigger drive that wasn't in the original, but I'm wondering if they will cover the labor costs since they have to open it and swap the drive. Wondering if anyone has done this during a warranty replacement of the hard drive before?
No, if Schmidt hadn't been such a douche and given us the same navigation that they gave to everyone else for free, then I might have still used Google maps. Instead they decided to gamble and try to **** Apple users over by forcing them to use a 5 year old app or give up their private data to a data pimp to get voice navigation. Google lost, and now I could give a shit about what Google does these days. I've switched search engines, and I think Apple maps works very well...
I wonder if they'll let me purchase a bigger hard drive instead of putting a stock replacement back in? I replaced the drive in my early 08 iMac without issue but I hear finding a drive for the Late '09 is a bit trickier due to the temp sensor.
Put in a route from that point of origin to somewhere?
That was my understanding. you must first pick a routing destination (any destination) for it to start caching the route, and associated maps. I don't think it will just blindly start downloading maps just by looking at a sector on a map. That would use unnecessary data.
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