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Probably because most never use it? This smacks of the whole anti-glare/glossy debates, where most folks just don't care. Maps aren't rocket science. If nav gets you even close, say on the right block, it's a simple matter for any reasonably intelligent adult to find an address in a matter of minutes or even seconds.   Claims that the world will end without street view are exaggerated at best. It was a convenience for some, and ignored by the rest. Now you can have your...
If it's based on open maps, then why charge anything for it? Especially if you are already caching a lot of this data today. I suspect this will improve drastically over the new month or three. I live in the US, so I'm very pleased wit the new app, but I do still think the complaints are overblown with most posts claiming complete buggary but never posting a credible example. I've yet to see any impacting credible complaints posted other than missing foot traffic info...
I've actually been really impressed with the iPhone 5 accuracy using Siri. I skipped the 4S, but even in noisy rooms or a car, it unfailingly gets my query right. Have to agree with the above. This has nothing to do with Siri as it just passes the info to Maps and that sorts by distance. 
Can't be bothered with Google anymore. It never finds any local businesses (simple things like fast food restaurants, hair salons, etc). I always have to go the business website. Of all things, my parents address can't be found by Google, but Apple got it right (they live way out in the boonies in a private community). Guessing Google wasn't allowed in to map inside the gates?   Street view is useless to me, other than a curiosity. I've never used it on my phone or...
This may be the matter of the right query. I asked mine to find the nearest exact match for apple store and it found Apple Inc on 1 Infinite Loop ;) Siri did say it was pretty far from me. I wonder if there is a specific query for finding an exact match. The search results make some sense in that they are sorted by distance by default.   I suspect it's a variation of what I asked for an exact match.
I did this once for the experience of it. Not a fun time in the Texas heat. Arrived a few hours before the store opened and was still about the 200th in line. Will never do that again.   Just pre-ordered mine. It should be here this morning (out for delivery).
  This worked for me. No shipping info from Apple and still shows 'prepping for shipment' but this worked. I guess they are so overloaded that they haven't updated the shipping info for some reason.   FYI, for the reference, just use your phone without any dashes or other punctuation and no "1". Just area code and phone number "1234567899"
It's MUCH easier to just order from the Apple Store app. No waiting, no refreshing, and it's fast. Learned that the hard way back wit the iPhone 4.   Ordered my iPhone 5 with a few button clicks.
This is a false statement as been shown many times over from various malware reports for Android. They have a much higher exposure to malware than Apple does at this point.   http://tech2.in.com/news/android/android-more-vulnerable-to-malware-than-ios/263032 Also assuming joe user would be able to open the source for an app (again assuming it was even open) and verify what it was doing isn't even remotely likely to happen. Besides that, most apps are probably not open...
  Trolling again. I never said the free software is better than others. Read my post. It's on this same page, and not overly difficult to find, no? I said it meets my needs.   I no longer buy Parallels, so that's a non-issue. That's my right as a now former customer. They treated their customers poorly, and word of mouth is important.
New Posts  All Forums: