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Well, Microsoft charges for upgrades to Office also. (Upgrade = going from 2004 to 2008, for example). Security updates are free downloads. I'm also quite sure Microsoft would not license another company to give Office away. If you've trashed 2008 and want 2011, I believe the only legitimate way to get it is to fork over some dough. You might get it for a lower cost if you can provide your 2008 serial number, but I'm not sure.
What you should do is buy it.   I'm quite sure that Microsoft is not giving away their flagship productivity app. If someone is advertising it for free, you can be sure it's unauthorized.
When private browsing is turned on, webpages are not added to the history, items are automatically removed from the Downloads window, information isn't saved for AutoFill (including names and passwords), and searches are not added to the pop-up menu in the Google search box. Until you close the window, you can still click the Back and Forward buttons to return to webpages you have opened. The above is from the dialog box. That answer seems to be spot on!
I've heard of people getting Leopard from Apple, most recently about 2-1/2 months ago. It's not in the Store or even on the web site. You have to call the toll free number found at the online store. It was going for $88 then, I think. Maybe they still have some left!
In other words, you get what you pay for. Of course, if you want to load up on free stuff and have no recourse when things get hosed, have at it...
System Preferences > Keyboard and Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts > Restore Defaults
In either case, wouldn't that be piracy? I've seen other posts indicating that people have recently acquired a retail version of Leopard from Apple. No, not in the store, and not even from the online store. You have to call the number found there.
thought that was Work and School
Wait, this thread is called OS9 and it's in the Applications Forum, but, there's a Mac OS Forum.??? There's also a Genius Bar Forum, but that's clearly not relevant.
Well, I think in some situations, better is the enemy of good. Those would be situations in which the better is for some reason at least temporarily unattainable, so the decision is made to accept what is possible. While not as good as it could be, it's still good. It's not a choice between good and better, it's a choice between worse and good. Consequently, you could say that good is better than worse, even though the good is not as good as it is possible to be.
New Posts  All Forums: