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If an app is in the HD>Applications folder, shouldn't it be available to all users? Individual accounts do not need an Applications folder. That's the user's choice, like in case there is an application you want to restrict the use of.
The rationale for not doing that is that the parts are more similar to a laptop than a desktop.
SL System Requirements Mac computer with an Intel processor 1GB of memory 5GB of available disk space DVD drive for installation You mean jump from Tiger (10.4.11) to Snow Leopard (10.6.2). Yes. Apple requests that you purchase the Snow Leopard Box Set for $169 which also includes the new versions of iLife and iWork. The $29 SL upgrade is for current users of Leopard (10.5.x).
More difficult to do if you include the definitions, of course. For just the words, you could paste them into a sortable document (a database or spreadsheet). It's not so time consuming to do Cm-A (when the cursor is in the search box) Cmd-C, click on the file to copy it to, and Cmd-V. If you want the definitions too, that might be harder to sort. You'd have to play with a spreadsheet and enlarge the cells to hold all that text. Maybe it would sort by the first word. I'm...
Why not Long Island? And why is Staten Island part of New York and not New Jersey anyway? (just a tangent)
I just transferred a copy of my backed-up files to IDrive.com yesterday!
I think it's History as well. Try the second method below as a test. From Safari Help: Deleting your browsing history Safari keeps track of webpages you have viewed in the history list. This list lets you return quickly to those pages, but you may want to clear it to maintain privacy. To clear the entire history list: Choose History > Clear History, and then click Clear. To clear individual items from the history list: Click the open-book icon to view the...
Or this one on that page:
Oh. Thanks. I've seen that before, but never focused on it for any reason. You have a good memory!
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