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My wife was up early and hitting the stores. This was unusual for her, as she says she does her best sleeping in the early morning, and usually stays in bed as later than normal on weekends. I am an early riser, sometimes up at 4 AM because I can't get back to sleep. So on "Black Friday".... yep, you guessed it, I slept later than usual.
Pretty simple here.... a string of tiny white lights around the house, and tiny multi-colored lights on the tree. And maybe a painted plywood Snowman cutout stuck in the lawn.
And what will become of Chicago's United Center, if United Airlines goes out of business?
Those who can't do.... become critics. Of course, Phillip Johnson is an exception. He at least had the guts to create his own architecture for others to criticize.
I was at work already, and had not heard about it on the car radio because it hadn't happened yet. But one of my coworkers arrived just after it happened, and he had heard about it while driving to work. I turned on my radio to a Fox news feed, and listened all day. When someone else heard that the first tower had collapsed, I didn't believe it. Then I really started paying attention to the radio. An office down the hall had a TV on, and I stopped to see the pictures they...
So much for Nebraska winning out and playing in the NCG. And so much for the preseason polls, which didn't even give Illinois an honorable mention, and rated Northwestern as the Big Ten favorite. Looks like Miami, Florida, in that order.
[quote]Originally posted by Scott H.: ...it seems the problem is more on my end.
Are you saying you've got the pimple?
Amazing. Early predictions were that this was an impossible mission that had little chance of success. The Taliban fighters were too wiley, and even the "mighty" Soviet Army could not conquer the land, just like the British Empire before them. Now the air campaign, combined with Special Forces and the Afghan resistance has routed the Taliban forces in the most rapid turnaround since John McCain supported George Bush for President. But to some of you, the U.S. military is...
New Posts  All Forums: