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Damn Yankees!
SL is supposed to identify printers you've used (from stuff on your hard drive, if you didn't get rid of it) and/or are using. Then it installs only the drivers you need. Languages? I don't know. If you try to open something that requires QuickTime 7, SL is supposed to ask if you want to download and install it.
SheepShaver sounds interesting, but the article makes it seem like a whole lot of dinking around to get OS9 to work. I have a whole box of old CDs and Manuals (remember those?) that I can't use. I resisted the move to the Intel processor for a long time. I feel your pain. Remember, the kid will grow up, and never touch those games again. Get him some new games that are more advanced, age-appropriate, up-to-date, in vogue. He'll forget all about the old ones.
Where? Maybe the next poster knows, but I need a clue. What kind of window are you seeing these messages in? If that's unclear, how does this window make it's appearance? You mentioned settings. Are you invoking this window yourself, or does it pop up out of nowhere?How did you know the answers to my questions above? No. Creating a new account and reformatting the drive are not the same thing at all. Read the Help info on User Accounts. If you still have questions, then...
I'm no Yankees fan, but I imagine I have neighbors who used to live in New York who are. The Mets play in Queens, so then who are people who live on Manhattan "supposed" to root for?
If a different account does not have these problems, then your account is corrupt somewhere. Read Mac Help > Accounts about transferring your important files from an existing account while (or before) deleting it.
Because 1. The Lexus (Mac) has a better performance record 2. It has better support, at no extra charge, and can be extended for a price 3. It even has a better warranty, just in case 4. It comes with more "options" (software) as standard 5. It looks cool 6. It will last longer 7. You really want one
The only thing you mention as far as what you've done is to copy the gibberish to another program, and it transforms back to the original text. Then you ask about resetting Safari. So, sorry if this doesn't cover new ground, but why don't you try to reset Safari? Safari Menu > Reset Safari.... (don't check remove names and passwords) Another thing to try is to replace the com.apple.safari.plist file. It's in your Home folder > Library > Preferences. Move the file to the...
Yes, that really is a solution. That indicates that something is corrupt in the other user account. Since you've tried a bunch of things and none of them worked, it's not likely you can fix that account. You need to get rid of it. But first, create a new one with Administrator privileges. When you delete the other one, it asks if you want to save things, like your files(!) and you tell it where to put them. Read about Accounts in Mac Help. That should give you all you need...
Finder Preferences > Advanced uncheck Empty Trash Securely If it was checked, did that fix the problem? If it was unchecked, that's obviously not any help. So, in that case, what OS do you have? (I'm on 10.5.8)
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