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I've seen this problem posted elsewhere. I don't think that user has found a resolution yet. If I run across it again, I'll provide you with a link, as long as I remember where this thread is(!). I suppose you've tried to adjust the scrolling speed also.(?)
Have you added any third party enhancements for your browser? Which browser is this happening on regularly? Have you tried a different browser?
1. That was my first thought as well. 2. Doubtful, since the folder opening changed after replacing the plist file. So, if it wasn't #1, my next curiosity is whether or not this happens when you log in under a different user account. Have you tried that?
I know. Thanks for informing others who might have skimmed over the above. SL will not let you have just a Sidebar and no Toolbar, but allows the reverse. With 10.5.x, you get both or neither. It makes sense that if there's no Toolbar, you get a new window when you open another folder, 'cause there's no "Back" button to use. For the same reason, it makes sense that SL will not allow a Sidebar with no Toolbar, something lamented in the MacWorld article where I read about...
I also discovered that once I set the flash drive's window to be stripped of the sidebar, it will no longer open an enclosed folder in the same window. But, once the second window is open and adjusted (size, position) it retains those characteristics. I read that Snow Leopard allows you to have only the toolbar, or neither the toolbar or sidebar, but not just the sidebar. Or was it vice versa??
I was afraid that I was asking the impossible. But, I found a solution that works by checking Mac Help. If you click the oval in the upper right corner of a Finder window, the sidebar and toolbar toggle off and on. It is window-specific. So, I inserted the jump drive, clicked, closed and ejected it. When I put it back in, the bars were still gone. Thanks, me. I will give me some reps.
This has been bugging me for a long time. Using 10.5.8, when I plug in a flash drive, the sidebar is the same as any Finder window. Maybe there's no way to change that - out of the box I mean, not by the user. This came up again when showing someone the procedure for copying to the flash drive. "Can I click on 'documents' over here?" (in the sidebar) "No, that's not the one you want." "Why not?" "Good question." Wouldn't it make more sense for there to be no...
Was O4M 2010 announced previously? To me, that's the real news in that article.
I was under that impression as well. I have had similar frustrations with Spotlight. (OS 10.5.1 thru 10.5.8) I've all but given up on it. I do not save files that are not in the Documents folder or on the Desktop. It should be able to find any file under those condititons, but it doesn't.
Yes, I noticed that. My previous visit to their site was unfruitful, perhaps because I didn't stay long enough.
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