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Universal Access preference pane Select OFF for VoiceOver (or just hit Command-F5) That will take care of both of those issues.
I'm wondering about pulling the drive out of my old G3 beige desktop to use as a second drive with my Mini. I'm not sure how to tell if it's an IDE/ATA or SATA, or something else (...since I really don't know what I'm talking about there) in order to get the proper enclosure for it, if it will even work. I have the original drive to look at for clues. All I see is "AT Compatible". The one in the G3 is a larger replacement. The original drive was dying. I'll put it back in...
Hold down the Command key.
1. Hewlett-Packard 2. Dell 4. Intel 5. IBM 12. Cisco Systems 14. Sun Microsystems 16. Adobe Systems 21. Motorola 23. Texas Instruments 31. Microsoft 69. Yahoo 79. Google 126. AT&T 133. Apple Obviously, I picked out tech companies (skipped a few) to compare to Apple.
They live there!
Yeah, ice cream would have to be my favorite. But, I try to go for the lower fat substitutes, like sherbet or frozen yogurt. The latter comes in my favorite flavors: anything that's vanilla based with chocolate and/or peanut butter chunks. I'll eat pistachios right out of the bag, but don't like other nuts at all. I'll pick them out of stuff that has them mixed in, except for peanuts. But I still wont eat peanuts from the shell or jar. I might also munch on different...
Yes, I know that's the problem. Perhaps it's the result of that being such a fine line distinguishing Mac OS and Applications from troubleshooting either. It may also be the result of people who visit other forums, none of which I've seen present this dilemma. In other forums "Applications" or "OSX" is where you go to ask for help or to discuss other aspects of same. This forum is unique in that regard, from what I see. I see the same confusion in the sub-forums of the...
Is it just me, or is the "mission" of the Genius Bar forum overlapping with that of the Mac OS and Applications forums? I see "help" threads in all three (ok, five with the sub-forums).
Seems like some "Genius" could figure out a better way to arrange the furniture. Heck, the table could be modified, or as was suggested, the arrangement of the equipment could have been done more intelligently.
Well, that's not what I meant. We all get into habits (ruts?) that we're locked in to. That's just normal behavior, regardless of age or mental acuity. I had never used the menu you were accustomed to, so thought I'd share my method with you. I use the drop down, not the keyboard shortcut, but threw that in as a bonus!
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