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Are you sure? Where do you get that impression from? I don't think that's affected by software. SL should give you more free space, but not more memory.
Perfectly? No one can guarantee that! But generally, you've got all the specs to run it. Not sure about the 64-bit thing... maybe someone with knowledge about that will chime in.
Wlel, I've been tlod taht I'm vrey obesravnt. As lnog as the wdors hvae the corerct fisrt and lsat letetrs, and the rihgt nubmer, you can raed it jsut fnie. Taht's prbobaly why no one noitecd beofre.
What fun would that be? Most would say, "I dunno." And how did you get "Registered User" misspelled under your name?
Well, I just remember being marked down for it on a freshman history paper.Sorry, I'm guilty of making up my own rule, which results in doing it both ways. I frequently use quotation marks to emphasize a word. (I was also marked down for this by the same professor.) I do it when it would be appropriate to precede the word by "so-called" (another can of worms there!) or when the word is clearly being used to convey an unusual meaning. If such a "quoted" (there I go again)...
I guess that's the attitude that results in the dumbing down of language. People who don't care are annoyed by those that do care. Oh well. The reverse is also true. On to another variation.... My last name ends with an "s". People are confused about the possessive form, whether writing or speaking. It grates on me when I see the apostrophe inserted between the two final letters, thereby changing my name! Admittedly, even saying ....s's is awkward, but at least it's...
No. Just bleaches your leopard.
You do have access to Google and Yahoo over there too, right? http://www.scotland.org.uk/directory...otland/details http://computer-services.vivastreet....uters+scotland http://portsmouth.gumtree.com/portsm.../42258914.html
So does that mean your Mac is new also? I'm thinking warranty... check with the Apple Store.
The original thread is from June 2004 .... then a new reply in Jan. '07 .... then one yesterday Maybe this gives the OP a chance to tell us what the final solution was... perhaps moving out and moving on?
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