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It's not news if it's an inherent problem with SMS, which it is.  
      It is way out of line with what they charge other companies, if you are changing one company .25% you cannot by terms of the FRAND agreement charge another company 2.25% just because they have more products or are more successful, that's the point you get more overall from them because they are selling more units.   Read up a bit at least.  
Ah poor Chuckles the clown :( 
Just pretend this was deleted. 
Well the reason it's such a hassle to block and number and it costs so much is because it's useful and many many people want to do it.   Not like the telecoms are going to slay one of their cash cows just to be helpful to their customers.  
Big points for MST3000 reference!   (mystery samsung theater)?
Your honor it is not fair apple is cross examining our witness.  B O O  H O O!
But with Harrison Ford playing Graff and Sir Ben playing Mazer, I don't see how this movie can fail.  *knocks on wood*   Martin S. reminded me of George S. from Seinfeld I kept waiting for him to holler for Costanza 
So google steals something, says "we can't figure out our own way to do it, so apple's way should be the standard because it's the best way to do it".  BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 
So Micheal Dell bought it and I hear they are already going to release their first machines copied from it. I guess we know what Microsoft's big announcement is next week!
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