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For crying out loud!!!! Apple is not throwing money out the window. If someone came into an apple store and was sold on an iMac, they aren't going to throw up their hands and go buy a PC just because they have to wait a few extra weeks. Typically when someone is sold on a Mac they're buying a Mac. The vast majority of people who have decided to purchase an iMac in the last month (I was in a store as recently as 3weeks ago that still had a few units in stock) will be...
I actually wonder how much the retina display actually "adds" to the cost of the MacBook Pro. If you configure a base, 2.3Ghz MacBook Pro with a 256GB SSD, the price is $2,299 and you still only have 4GB of ram, 512MB of gpu memory, and no retina display. That is $100 more than the base retina display which has the same processor, double the system memory, and double the graphics memory.
I agree! I still miss Snow Leopard. Especially on my dual screen setup. I have a separate iPad for a reason, I don't want my 27" i7 to become a glorified iPad in the way I interact with it. Snow Leopard gestures were amazing, Lion just feels overdone and chaotic. Two fingers perform a certain action in one app that it takes three fingers to perform in another app. I would be ok with Lion if it simply gave the option for classic spaces/expose function.
Yeah, but its not like that fee is coming out of your pocket. It is coming out of the pocket of the company that designed the device with the play button. Without the content that causes you to want to press that play button repeatedly, the device maker wouldn't have a product to sell. The content that causes that that device to get the most use and therefore driving up demand should get a portion everytime that button is pushed. It is a great incentive for artist to...
I geuss 10th time is the charm Finally at the restoring from back up stage. saying about 5 min
been trying to update for last hour. Backup completed an hour ago, and phone has been in restore/recovery mode since. Goes through process fine but when it looks like it is about to finish the firmware restore, I get the 3004 error. on about the 7-10th try. running 10.6.8.
I am definitely going to wait and get that 326GB unit for $749, that is just an unbelievable amount of storage for a phone.
Ok, so I get that the thing is $100 cheaper, but I have always felt that the Mini was priced just a bit too high. I know you can get external drives (i have an external BR hooked up to my iMac), but I do understand the feeling of those miffed by the exclusion of an optical drive. I fully get it on a laptop machine, but just don't understand it on the desktop. Last years model of the Mini, they offered with an OD (the standard model), and without(the server version). ...
That was the fix! Thank you! M4Vs are playing now, just need to test them on iPad.
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