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Obviously you have never driven a BMW car w/sports suspension.  I owned one.  The car handle like no other car I've ever owned.  The electronics sucked.  I admit, I've driven several regular BMWs.  None of them handled as well as the one I owned.  
Anything would be an improvement over BMW's system.
People wanting Apple to distribute it's cash should be investigated.
Steve Jobs should have had Jony Ive design the boat.
I know several people that have switched from regular mobile phones or Blackberry's to Android. All of them have now switched to the iPhone. Google should strive to be like Apple when it comes to Android phones.
Ain't that a bitch.
Big mistake.
Look at my brand new Apple iMac.  It has a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse.  It's a work of art with the exception of the external optical drive!
Without Woz we wouldn't have Apple!
If Apple is allowing apps to be sold that access private information, what else are these apps capable of doing?  FAIL.
New Posts  All Forums: