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What isn't clear is this: what if I own an iPhone 3GS locked to AT&T (purchased on Craig's List) which I unlocked using Ultrasn0w and have always used on T-Mobile? I.e. can someone without *any* AT&T account get their iPhone unlocked? The current language suggests that one has to be a customer.
It also no longer shows the S.M.A.R.T status of the hard disk in the later Time Capsule models
What I'd like to know is whether this technology is implemented in regular firmware (i.e. iOS 4.2) or the baseband firmware. Does anyone know? I ask because those of us with unlocked phones generally avoid updating the baseband firmware because Apple closes holes used for unlocking ;-)
There is another GSM carrier in the U.S.: T-Mobile. Although it's not the largest, are 30+ million subscribers to be sneezed at?
That's an advantage? Then how do you use a phone with more than one provider? GSM allows me to use my phone with different providers all over the world just by changing the SIM.
Here, here, Jerseymac: a little choice would be nice. Hopefully the FCC will step in, because rumor has it that AT&T got another 2 years of exclusivity with the iPhone 3GS.
Has anyone compared iPhone contracts in Europe to those offered in the US by AT&T? The 3GS hasn't been announced yet, but Orange in France offers the 8 GB 3G for 99 euros (which is really the psychological equivalent of $99) and the 16 GB model for 129 euros. Again, this was true BEFORE Apple announced the 3GS. Now onto the plans. Look at the 47 euro plan (again, for the French, it's really the equivalent of $47). You get: - 2 h of talk time to anyone - unused minutes...
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