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Is this the Xcode in the app store, or do you still have to download it from the developer website? EDIT: I missed that Xcode 6.1 was released yesterday. Thanks. It looks like it's just an online Playground - why not just use Xcode?
Excoriated? I had to look up if that word has a second meaning, because to me that sentence you wrote says that the public scratched him until he bled. Apparently it can also mean to criticize severely. Thanks for expanding my vocabulary today! (Also, I don't think the triple-tap to define gets enough attention on OS X.)
I read that as "JGL just touted..." and got very confused. He's a very talented guy, but I figured he'd stick to acting and producing...
Are you predicting the return of the flip phone by 2020?
Maybe this is like an iMovie or Final Cut situation, where they're building a new look and design first, then planning to add features back in a future iteration? Or do you feel that's being too optimistic?
I'm not on the beta program, so I don't know anything about lost features - what have they removed that was so critical?
And that's what we'd hope for from Apple: quick recognition of the issue, and a quick response.
Didn't the Apple engineers specifically say to avoid hamburger menus?
So... nothing like Andrew from Bicentennial Man. But I guess any other robot from that movie would qualify.
Andrew from Bicentennial Man?
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