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At about 9 minutes, people want a "new" PC - not just a personal computer but a pocket computer.
Why do you guys think the hyper loop "isn't real"? It seems like a lot of engineers, and even universities, think it's a feasible idea.
Exactly - the problem is that some websites just refuse to replace Flash. Is ClickToFlash really built in a way that avoids the exploits? I imagine if it's built on the same architecture, it has the same vulnerabilities; it's only real advantage is letting you suppress the Flash until you have to run it.
Yeah, I wonder, too, if this has to do with some transition. Maybe this has something to do with preparation for the new TV?
I've lately been helping my dad find a new laptop for when he works from home, and since it's a work computer we unfortunately have no choice but to make it a Windows laptop. As a baseline I figured I could compare the laptops I searched for to my MacBook Pro 13" Retina, which I bought for $1280 CAD last July, but was actually a late 2013 clearance model. So given it's 2 years later, you'd figure we could get similar specs for maybe $800, or if we had to, $1000. Almost all...
Core 84? Is that just a mistype for i5? I've definitely never heard of a Core 84 and a search brings me nothing...
Has Elon Musk mentioned what his tax policy will be if he does indeed become Supreme Martian Emperor?
How does one delete an app now?
Ah, now I see what you mean - you're thinking of the day when the iPad isn't "just a tablet" anymore. I can see how a mouse would make sense in that context, then.  There is just one more hitch, though - how do you organize the two types of apps in that case? You'd need touch and pencil apps in tablet mode and cursor apps in desktop mode. Is that do-able without making a two-tiered operating system like Windows 8? Or does Apple just trust users to know which apps are...
I guess I just don't understand what that "different purpose" is. I mean, isn't a mouse essentially just a device to point, click, and drag? What other uses are there for it? I don't think you want a traditional mouse, because then you'd need a table and defeat the purpose of a tablet. For most point and click functions, or even zoom functions, you have your fingers and the multitouch screen. The only thing I've found really hard to do is highlight with a finger, or pick a...
New Posts  All Forums: