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I thought the posters here usually argued the most attention-starved was the Mac Mini - no?
I know it doesn't normally, but has anyone verified if this new feature has been tweaked to work that way?
Does anyone know how this works if you plug the Phone/Pod/Pad into your computer before updating? Will it still download everything over the air, or is it smart enough to just restore the apps from the computer's iTunes apps?
Even without an iPad Pro, they did show that you can now draw in Notes, so predictive touch makes sense with or without a larger iPad and stylus, I would think.
It looked like the iPod Touch would have to be updated this year, given the internals it has and the fact that it barely qualified for iOS 8 (looking at the equivalent internals on the iPhone side and what does/doesn't qualify). Now that iOS 9 will be able to install on all the same devices as iOS 8, though, it could hang on another year. Still, going 4 years between updates for a device that's supposed to run apps seems a bit ridiculous and anyone who buys an iPod Touch...
I've never seen "tony" used as an adjective before. Thanks for teaching me something today!
80ยข for the battery? Do they just make the numbers up? What evidence is that based on?
I think it's the wrong argument, anyway. iPhone only being available on AT&T is a product only available from a single provider - but the issue under discussion is the opposite. If it were the former issue, it would be like saying "CurrentC is only available from a few retailers during the expansion period", which is something I think consumers understand completely. What's really happening is the latter, opposite issue, which is "retailers we partner with are only allowed...
I don't get the reasoning behind keeping iPhoto around now that Photos is here. Especially considering if you open iPhoto, you get a warning about trying to add or edit pictures. Why not just make a clean break and replace it outright? Or at least offer to delete itself the first time you open it after the upgrade? If they're going to have both on the system, then maybe Photos should have been a separate download and not automatically included at all.
I especially like the haiku. Very creative.
New Posts  All Forums: