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Also @nhughes: You said at one point that you hoped for some kind of cursor control on iPads, but if you and Mikey (and myself, and I'm confident many others) agree that %uF8FFPencil will come to the iPad Air eventually (probably in a couple of years), doesn't that serve the same purpose, and arguably more elegantly on a touchscreen device? Do you still see a use for a cursor despite that? Edit: It's disappointing how the forums turn  (the Apple logo) into %uF8FF ...
The Harry Potter pictures seem like a neat feature.
In the past, wasn't it usually DED in these conference videos, showing new products? When did he start painting his nails green?   Anyway, what were the writers' actual impressions of the products? Is the new Apple TV exciting? Is the iPad Pro made of butterflies and rainbows?
"And now the new "I"-phone. It's absolutely aMAYzing how thin and light we've made this sucker. I tell ya, you invest some of that blood money into Apple, and by the end of the year I'll have ya wearin' gold plated diapers!"
Oi... Iovine reads Nietzsche would be painful, I think. He's nice to listen to when he's relaxed, but when he starts speaking formally he seems to get this odd cadence to his speech and an almost Christopher Walken-like "emPHAsis" to his words.
Are you saying you think there'll be "one more thing"? Can't be, or they'll have to pay fees to Swatch!
Well, if I earned $600,000 in a week, I'd think that would be good. I guess it's all relative. And I suppose you also have to account for the fact that he earns that all up front and he's not going to earn $600,000 every single week (most likely, anyway).
There's been talk about how the iPod Touch didn't get Pay because it isn't "always connected", but I was looking on the Apple website and it shows that Passbook is pre-installed on the iPod. That makes it seem like skipping Pay really was just a choice by Apple and not because the iPod isn't always connected. Now, granted, my old iPod Touch can't even install Passbook so I don't know exactly how this works - is anyone else aware of some major difference between how...
I always had a feeling it would be something like this. It seemed too unlikely that they would have changed their policy in just a few hours and only because of her. There were talks going on for a few days, and she was just one part of ... well, a Big Machine, I guess.
They were taking tweets, too, weren't they? I thought on the first day they said they'd be monitoring #beats1 for requests at certain times.
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