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I'd be interested to know how iPhones compare to iPod Touches. Theoretically the same generation should match, right? But I've heard the iPhones are a bit faster.
What about the colours of the clamshell iBooks? Maybe they can do those again, or even bring back the handle.
That's a good point about iTunes, I didn't really think of software in my product list.   Maybe the colours mean iTunes will come with skins, like WinAmp back in the day! That'd be awesome, right... right...?
I couldn't see them doing the iPad Mini and iPhone in the same event; those are too big to go together. Maybe if you replaced the iPhone with an Apple TV update.
What do you figure the 5 would mean in that case?
That's some eerie timing between your post and this article. Do you work for Wal-mart?
What if it's a Thunderbolt connector that allows faster syncing? We can probably also expect speed and graphics bumps despite a lack of rumours.
Interesting thought, though I imagine the store would actually have their own database that Apple's device (or just an app) is interfacing with, and it wouldn't actually be Apple's server with the inventory lists, because stores aren't likely to want to tie themselves to only one product line being able to use that feature.   What do you see as the solution for changing your mind and putting something back on the shelf? Will the shopper have to remember to re-scan the...
In that case, the fact of the matter is that they only have two cities to go until they have all the Canadian cities with over 1 million people. We don't even have 10 cities with over half a million. The others will come, I'm sure.   Is that true? That's kind of awesome!
Wait, is that supposed to be "Tim Cook to make a personal video - saying how he loves Samsung - in his boxers"?   Or, is it supposed to be "Tim Cook to make a personal video saying how he 'loves Samsung in his boxers'"?   I find both possibilities disturbing...
New Posts  All Forums: