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Congrats! I'm definitely happy you were right!
Now they just need to bring back coloured laptops: a Blueberry MacBook Pro - with a handle!
Is this from the last time you drank NesQuik? I hope that picture wasn't taken by you just as you decided to post it!
Which ones are different? All I can see are some upside-down ones.
  I thought it was "No Kia" - like a statement that Honda makes better cars. Apparently it's more like "Knock Ya"?
Not to mention that comment is completely irrelevant to the article. Would you say it's fair to flag these kinds of posts? They're essentially spam...
I just read that the Watch Dogs promotional app from Ubisoft in Canada is using a similar feature - if you have Cydia installed, it won't run. Which is ironic, because Watch Dogs the game (and the app) is about hacking the world around you...
Speculation on unannounced (apparently confidential) features of a potential service included in an unannounced product? That seems ill-advised.
I don't think I ever realized before that the i7 is 75% more powerful than the i5.
You're right, they should have a short explanation. I was just making a joke about an old TV show that was made in Canada called ReBoot by a company called Mainframe (now Rainmaker). It was actually the first fully computer animated production, even before Toy Story. It was about Sprites (and Binomes and some others...) who live in the Mainframe, which has been infested by two viruses (MegaByte and Hexadecimal) since a terrible accident years ago that killed two of the...
New Posts  All Forums: