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So if enough other companies think what you've done is good work, they should be allowed to use it? You did all the hard work to make it popular, and because you succeeded, they'll use it with no questions asked? That... doesn't seem right.
An iPad smaller than an iPod? For some reason, this makes me think of trying to use a floppy disk as an iPad, but even that would be bigger.
There's still one important question - will Alex finally be able to tell me some new jokes?! Actually, note to self, I need to try that feature in other languages. I would assume it still works. Does anyone know if the jokes are the same?
  I love having people like you around here - so much history, it's awesome. You've probably been asked before, but are you still working in the industry? Do you have any current ties to Apple?   You're right, it's amazing to think how far computers have come. My iPod is four years old and the lowest model but it would destroy that Corvus computer. You can probably get watches today with more power.
Maybe you'd have more luck with a punch card.
Using MSN through Jabber on Messages might be theoretically possible, but I've never seen a reasonable way of doing it simply. Trying to find the right network to set it up on, making a new account, etc... it didn't work very well for me when I tried and after signing up for 3 different Jabber services and finding their MSN connections still wouldn't work, I gave up.
I was wondering if someone would finally mention him! I really like his presentations - like you said, he's confident and polished, but at the same time he can stay loose and doesn't just read off of a script. That whole "we're going to talk about all 3000 APIs" bit was great, especially the way he didn't just stop at mentioning it, but actually acted like he'd really do it. I found that hilarious.
Would you prefer the design and aesthetics of a PowerBook Duo? Function before form, right? Price may be another issue, though. I've never used something like this, so I don't know what's reasonable.
Thunderbolt's already been out a year, but there still seems to be barely anything for it out there. On the Future Shop website, there are a bunch of cables and 4 hard drives, starting at $450 for 120GB of solid state space. I wonder if Apple will push it harder through one of the hardware updates a lot of us hope will come around WWDC. Maybe using it for the iOS devices? But that didn't work out well for Firewire, did it?   On a side note, is Firewire still being...
  The Canadian store was also down, but there's no mention of the Nest there and someone mentioned it's only available in the US... so why were other stores down? Do all the stores go down for one update in one place?
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