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Couldn't it figure out your distance from the screen by tracking the distance between your eyes? I haven't seen Lee's video for a long time, but I think the premise was the distance between the two lights in the Wii sensor is a constant, so measuring the distance to the screen becomes possible by knowing that separation. Similarly, you could calibrate the machine once per user by having them hold the phone close enough to have their eyes fall within two circles, then track...
Right. I'm sure it'll still be hilarious when you hacktivists are in jail.
While I appreciate what you're insinuating - that of course this isn't the end of the line and the initial use of a V1 product doesn't mean the idea or intent is wrong - I can also appreciate what the reviewers of the books on iTunes are saying. Apple is the kind of company where you just expect them to show their best and prove why you want their stuff. It sounds like this time they didn't quite do it, at least not yet. They just chose poorly, and the first batch of books...
I think that's the second time I've seen you comment about this, but I'm not sure what you're referring to. What light field company is this and why should Apple buy them?
Steve: "It runs at 11Mbps!" *Audience goes wild.* You've got to love that. To think that was amazing only 12 years ago and now we're talking about a connection that will be almost 100 times faster...
Man, this guy is up way too late studying. And way too excited for his next class considering how late he's been up studying. What do you people think of Apple using Wolfram's Computable Document Format for their textbook builder? I haven't had a chance to play around with it yet, but it looks intriguing. I don't know if they could make it into an open standard.http://www.wolfram.com/cdf/
His Apple Developer Network was analyzed? As opposed to his deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)? PS. That was a somewhat disturbing post...
Aw, man, you just couldn't let it slide, huh? I guess someone was bound to say it. Maybe he's a really big Bie-le-ber.
I agree, I don't understand the point of the middle page they've added in. Does anyone know what they're aiming for with this? Like you said, is there some other coming change that will allow this to make sense?
Technology moves so fast, I don't know that it would take so long as 25 years to make this realistic, though I'd want a real demo to see how well it works now. If the TV can work nearly as well as what they show in that video, with no seeming interference from the TV's own speakers, etc., and the motion control works well, this will be quite impressive. If Apple can come up with something that shines beyond that - so much the better.
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