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Speculation on unannounced (apparently confidential) features of a potential service included in an unannounced product? That seems ill-advised.
I don't think I ever realized before that the i7 is 75% more powerful than the i5.
You're right, they should have a short explanation. I was just making a joke about an old TV show that was made in Canada called ReBoot by a company called Mainframe (now Rainmaker). It was actually the first fully computer animated production, even before Toy Story. It was about Sprites (and Binomes and some others...) who live in the Mainframe, which has been infested by two viruses (MegaByte and Hexadecimal) since a terrible accident years ago that killed two of the...
Come on, you don't need to explain this - we all know what Sprites are thanks to ReBoot.
Please don't go! You're one of a core group that are really worth talking to on this site and that group is one of the main reasons I like coming here!
It must be difficult for these guys to be running back and forth between WWDC and a trial...
That sucks since I'm a bit of a Honda fan. Looking around a bit, it looks like they already have a general phone/text messaging system. There's a YouTube video where HondaPro Jason says that until the end of this year, Siri integration is a special option that you have to specifically request - it won't be a standard option until next year. And it's only for Accord and Acura RDX from what I can see...   http://youtu.be/4pPPjmztk6o
I wish I knew how the programming logic would work to even cause an error like that... some sort of mistake in censoring logic that's inconsistent in different areas of the program, maybe?
So did they:   a) license it b) work around it c) get it invalidated somehow (but without us hearing of that happening?) d) ignore the court order?   I'm guessing not (d), but I wonder how they're doing this.
Have they pre-announced ticket sales in the past? I seem to remember just waking up one day last year and finding out they were already sold out.
New Posts  All Forums: