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  Fair enough, though to be honest I don't like some of those arguments, either, about how, "OMG! This phone's application store just opened two hours ago and still doesn't have more than 10,000 apps! It's the suxorz!" I think in both cases people need to give at least a chance and a little bit of time.
  He said it was "basic, minimal 1.0 functionality". But it seems like it was never 1.0 functionality for any other mapping service, so that doesn't seem entirely fair. If he wanted to say, "I expected Apple Maps 1.0 to have transit directions since Google has it," that would be different. My other point was that while some mapping services (Google and I think Bing and Nokia) have transit directions, others that have been out for years still don't (Yahoo!, MapQuest). So...
Oh, I'm with you, I think most people understand each other just fine. I just think it's ironic that Tallest didn't just tell him he's wrong, he implied he didn't understand him, which lends some support to the very statement that Tallest was disagreeing with.
Could you please give an example of a mapping service that has had transit information as 1.0 functionality? How many haven't? How many still don't?
  It's interesting that to disagree with his post stating that two people generally cannot understand each other, you have to state that you don't understand him.
If I understand what you're saying, I think you mean George. Or maybe Elroy.
It looks like they're just trying more of a blog format for the conference news. I don't think it's that big of a deal and I actually like it better than some of the "formal" pieces they write, since they too often use the same phrasing repeatedly (and sometimes awkwardly and almost incorrectly). I don't see it as an ad, just a story-like recount of their experience.
You don't like getting new features without hassles? I think I'm not following you.
Do we still get a good performance upgrade, or was it sacrificed for energy savings?
High-performance doesn't necessarily mean speed. It could mean durability, or reliability... it's a pretty subjective phrase, really.   Didn't I hear somewhere that USB2.0 (which according to the picture is what this drive really has) is good enough for these drives, anyway? The bottle-neck in speed isn't the USB, it's the platter hard-drive itself.
New Posts  All Forums: