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$99 plus $9/mo for at least 12 months. They also are only looking for SNPs, they aren't sequencing the DNA.
It's noble in a way, kind of like donating an organ. A lot of people might benefit from that. I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of cloning jokes, though.
Does anyone know if these updates work in Canada? I mean, they'd better... how can you not stream hockey to Canada?! Is it true you have to pay for the NHL games, though?
While we on the AI forums tend to think the average person doesn't really pay that much attention to technology, they obviously pay more attention than we sometimes give them credit for. I mean, it seems almost certain the average person isn't having arguments about the meaning of 4G, but they do follow technology enough to know: 1) there is a new iPhone, 2) the new iPhone is better than the old iPhone, 3) the new iPhone, despite what analysts say, is better enough that...
I'm not sure if I could handle Jony Ive or Phil Schiller singing an aria...
I'd be interested to know how you see that working. Are you saying you think Steve Jobs is just like Ender? Or is that a roundabout way of saying you hope this never actually gets released?
I actually really, really like this idea.
It would have been pretty amazing if he had admitted he was wrong. "I made a mistake... sosumi".
Yeah, that's pretty much what I remember reading, but as melgross pointed out, that seems like just a convoluted way of saying they don't want any licensees anymore because it wouldn't ever be worth it.
I was listening to the 1997 keynote a while ago where Steve was talking about how the clone-makers didn't want to pay licensing fees that were any higher than what they had paid before, even though those fees had seemed to be too low. I read something a while later about how after that, no one again tried licensing a Mac OS - but is that true? Does anyone here actually know if Apple would allow another company to license the OS if they paid a "fair" fee, or is it just not...
New Posts  All Forums: