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  The fact that the serial number is invalid adds legitimacy?
  Maybe it means solipsism is true... in one's own mind, anything would become possible, right? But he can't waste all that precious time and energy in creating posts for peripheral personas, which is why we lag so far behind.
Hey, let's be reasonable and give them a chance. Maybe they had a good idea and Apple just didn't realize it'd been patented. I think someone should be allowed to patent without building something, if they at least tried to license it to someone who they thought *would* build something. That's still using your patents, and allows the small guys to invent even when they don't have resources to manufacture. Do we know for sure that SimpleAir hasn't made money in any way...
I would have to agree, Slurpy generally seems to make very reasonable points (though while I agree Tallest Skil may sometimes go a bit overboard, I haven't found it so bad that he deserved all that was just said).   By the way, congratulations PaulMJohnson on your 1000th post! Not sure what your prize is... but congrats!
Is WWDC only three weeks away now? I hadn't even realized! That sends shivers down my spine. Of course, it could just be that the air conditioning is over-acting, but I like to believe it's anticipation.
Why do you figure it won't have AV inputs?
Poor Pacific coast-ers.
    That's nuts! I've been awake for a little over an hour and just read the news about WWDC about half an hour ago. Selling out that fast must make ever attending a WWDC very hard on people in the west...     Why does a colourful banner mean the Mac Pro is dead?
    Wait, so the online shipping estimate was 1-2 weeks, and then improved to... 1-2 weeks? Am I missing something, or is this some convoluted definition of "improved"?
They want a resolution? How about 2048 x 1536? That sounds like a pretty impressive resolution to me!   At least we know Apple has done a lot more with the iPad name than Proview. I realize in the end that has no bearing on the case, but it is the kind of thing that could make people want to vote in Apple's favour.
New Posts  All Forums: