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Then Much Music would have a field day with them.   Or call it (Apple)Phone - unfortunately this Windows computer can't type the right character...   Then Siri can make a joke about how when you pronounce it, it's supposed to have more cow bell. I mean, dimensions.
The article says the issue is there's no phonetic difference, as in iFone and iPhone sound the same when you say them.
From what I can see, you're right. MS is being sued over h.264 and Apple over wireless patents. http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/02/07/google_to_continue_motorolas_frand_licensing_that_seeks_to_monopolize_h264_umts
There's a presidential election next week? Why haven't I heard anything about this? The race must have been so quiet!
That reminds me of the Antenna-gate press conference, where he said something along the lines of "we haven't figured out how to defy the laws of physics... yet".
  Does that mean in the summer, the store ceiling is beat with Purple Rain?
I don't have the new iOS (I still have an iPod Touch second generation), but my understanding was that Apple made it so if you open the passbook file on your phone, the card is automatically added. Isn't that right? That would mean it's not Apple who's making it a pain, it's Starbucks. They could just ask for your email address and mail you the file, or have you log in to their website on your phone and open it from there.   Or did I totally misunderstand?
Whoops, I guess I assumed too much from your comment...
Does that mean...? Happy Birthday, Solipsism!
Ooh, that's kind of a tempting proposition... You always have to watch out for that dreaded space character.   "Cover your butts, Bernard is watching"
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