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  A little off topic, but as for what exactly we call the app, "iOS 6 Maps" is a bit of a mouthful, and does anyone else's tongue feel like it will slip on "Apple Maps" because of the awkward inner alliteration? I suggest we should just call it "Mapples" for short... (I'm joking - unless anyone else agrees, anyway.)
Was this really supposed to go up as an article?
Well, if they had a time machine for real, they actually could release it yesterday.
I would believe him if he said he never *cheated* on his taxes - I've never cheated on mine. But if he tried to say he'd never made even the smallest attempt to *legally* reduce the amount of tax he pays, I might be skeptical. I think we need to keep that distinction - is Apple "cheating" or are they using a completely legal loophole? If they're following the rules, then hate the game, not the player.
I would say the whole scenario sounds pretty goofy...
With this system, a user may be able to feel the keys on a virtual/glass keyboard, but I believe they still wouldn't be able to emulate the feeling of key travel, which may make it hard to replace current keyboards.
  Fair enough, though to be honest I don't like some of those arguments, either, about how, "OMG! This phone's application store just opened two hours ago and still doesn't have more than 10,000 apps! It's the suxorz!" I think in both cases people need to give at least a chance and a little bit of time.
  He said it was "basic, minimal 1.0 functionality". But it seems like it was never 1.0 functionality for any other mapping service, so that doesn't seem entirely fair. If he wanted to say, "I expected Apple Maps 1.0 to have transit directions since Google has it," that would be different. My other point was that while some mapping services (Google and I think Bing and Nokia) have transit directions, others that have been out for years still don't (Yahoo!, MapQuest). So...
Oh, I'm with you, I think most people understand each other just fine. I just think it's ironic that Tallest didn't just tell him he's wrong, he implied he didn't understand him, which lends some support to the very statement that Tallest was disagreeing with.
Could you please give an example of a mapping service that has had transit information as 1.0 functionality? How many haven't? How many still don't?
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