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I don't have the new iOS (I still have an iPod Touch second generation), but my understanding was that Apple made it so if you open the passbook file on your phone, the card is automatically added. Isn't that right? That would mean it's not Apple who's making it a pain, it's Starbucks. They could just ask for your email address and mail you the file, or have you log in to their website on your phone and open it from there.   Or did I totally misunderstand?
Whoops, I guess I assumed too much from your comment...
Does that mean...? Happy Birthday, Solipsism!
Ooh, that's kind of a tempting proposition... You always have to watch out for that dreaded space character.   "Cover your butts, Bernard is watching"
That was an absolutely terrible test, in my opinion. Can you really imagine anyone "dropping" their phone like that? A person wouldn't just sudden move their hand away from their pocket or ear and let the phone go. He dropped them face down almost every time, when I imagine most people drop it onto a corner. When he took the SIII out of his pocket, it looked like he practically flung it. Now what would have been hilarious would be if when he was showing it the last time...
Sorry, I meant the current iPod Touch should probably match the previous iPhone. The current iPod Touch is version 5, compared to iPhone version 6, anyway, isn't it?
I'd be interested to know how iPhones compare to iPod Touches. Theoretically the same generation should match, right? But I've heard the iPhones are a bit faster.
What about the colours of the clamshell iBooks? Maybe they can do those again, or even bring back the handle.
That's a good point about iTunes, I didn't really think of software in my product list.   Maybe the colours mean iTunes will come with skins, like WinAmp back in the day! That'd be awesome, right... right...?
I couldn't see them doing the iPad Mini and iPhone in the same event; those are too big to go together. Maybe if you replaced the iPhone with an Apple TV update.
New Posts  All Forums: