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That's some eerie timing between your post and this article. Do you work for Wal-mart?
What if it's a Thunderbolt connector that allows faster syncing? We can probably also expect speed and graphics bumps despite a lack of rumours.
Interesting thought, though I imagine the store would actually have their own database that Apple's device (or just an app) is interfacing with, and it wouldn't actually be Apple's server with the inventory lists, because stores aren't likely to want to tie themselves to only one product line being able to use that feature.   What do you see as the solution for changing your mind and putting something back on the shelf? Will the shopper have to remember to re-scan the...
In that case, the fact of the matter is that they only have two cities to go until they have all the Canadian cities with over 1 million people. We don't even have 10 cities with over half a million. The others will come, I'm sure.   Is that true? That's kind of awesome!
Wait, is that supposed to be "Tim Cook to make a personal video - saying how he loves Samsung - in his boxers"?   Or, is it supposed to be "Tim Cook to make a personal video saying how he 'loves Samsung in his boxers'"?   I find both possibilities disturbing...
Simpleankit and hjb were mentioning that Samsung did put in a patent for the F700 in late 2006, so they may have a case that they came out with this first. Does it really even matter if they were prototypes Vs. patented retail models? If they can prove it's not a novel idea, isn't the patent invalid either way? Now, there is still the question of, did they have some idea of what the iPhone would look like ahead of time, since it must have been well into development by...
It also doesn't matter how many companies Apple has sued, whether they did it serially or in parallel or something else entirely. If Apple is convinced they did something illegal, they have a right to sue them.   Now Samsung showing that chart as proof they were thinking of this type of design before the iPhone came out seems to actually have some merit, at least to a non-lawyer. But even if there were similar phone designs before, how does that extend to implying they...
Have any developers out there tried it on older hardware? Say... a 2009 MacBook Pro? Just for example...   Is it worth installing, or are the requirements cutting it too close? Technically I think it has all the specs needed.
Am I the only one that thinks $30 per device sounds excessive? And they're only offering half of one penny back? I realize this is non-standards essential and they can basically charge whatever they want. Then again, maybe they're aiming high with the thought it will probably get bumped down a bit through this whole process anyway.
I wonder if Apple could actually use this against Google/Motorola in court. Did Google specifically mention Apple's patents as being essential? Isn't that admission that it's innovative and no one else has been able to create something like it?
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