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Fair enough. I didn't mean to be critical, it was just an off-the-cuff remark, like the bantering I would do with my friends. One of them is an architect and he jokes about how he would never imagine *making* a building - he designs them and lets the construction workers do the dirty stuff! Plus, most physical products say "Made in China" on the back, even though the companies that designed them might be Japanese like Sony or Nintendo, or in this case American like Apple....
Totally not the point I was making - I guess I was just being overly critical of the word choice. Still kind of funny, though. Although you forgot, "Steve Jobs would never have..."
What you just said supports my point. The title of the piece is that Apple and Samsung are tied for largest smartphone maker, but neither makes the smartphones, Foxconn makes them for both companies, so Foxconn is the largest smartphone maker. I guess "maker" could be ambiguous here, but in the context it would seem to imply "builder" more strongly than "designer".
Technically, Apple only *designs* smartphones, doesn't it? I'm not aware that Apple owns the plants, so that would mean Foxconn is the largest smartphone *maker*, wouldn't it?
Yeah, boring a hole in the competition.
Seriously, 16 megabyte iPhones are so 1992...
As far as I know, yes, it is just a marketing thing.
It was so good, Microsoft couldn't dare to release it: http://www.infoworld.com/article/2613504/microsoft-windows/microsoft-windows-microsoft-skips-too-good-windows-9-jumps-to-windows-10.html
Welcome to the forums! I'm not sure about differences, but I can tell you one similarity: everyone in the front row is using a Mac laptop. Future? The future from Jan. 13th, 2015? Considering today is Jan. 21st, 2015, I would say just fine. Care to join us?
I meant he was probably right about his first post in this thread where he said it's just a situation where the bureau is forced to investigate even if the claim is probably not true. Clearly he's wrong about the cost thing.Based on his reply to my last post, though, now he just sounds like he's making random claims as if they're true. I don't see how what he claims is "obvious".
New Posts  All Forums: