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Was there some sort of Apple rumour deadline today? Everyone has to get their iOS rumours in before midnight or else... um, something bad happens?
To play the devil's advocate... While it is true that tiered pricing based on size of book wouldn't account for "author clout", that's exactly how it was done in music. Up until a couple of years ago, every song on iTunes was 99¢, no matter if the singer was Rihanna or Rebecca Black. Even now that there are different prices, you could argue the price is "controlled" since only a few possible values are allowed. "Premium" songs on iTunes don't get to charge more than 30%...
Is their argument that Apple should be setting the prices the way Amazon used to, rather than allowing the publishers to set their own prices? Weren't there complaints before that Amazon's price setting was unfair for devaluing books? Or maybe they want Apple to rein in the publishers the way they did with the music industry. They should set up price tiers so if the book is between x and y pages, it costs $a.bc. Textbooks and magazines can have their own schemes separate...
I wonder, if the entire industry except HBO and Disney are on board with UV, does TV really have any hope anymore? Disney (and I assume, ABC) can try to hold out for Apple's sake, but I don't see how they'll be able to put up a service that competes with what everyone else is offering. On a side note, when did the iCloud symbol on AppleInsider's header turn purple?
You were going on a hike with a MBP, iPad, and iPhone? Isn't that a lot of weight in your iBackpack during your iHike? Not to mention the water, sunscreen, bugspray, camera...
"Patheticity"? I call shenanigans.
What do you guys think Flash would have been like if it had still been "Macromedia Flash" and had nothing to do with Adobe? Would it be better, worse, or would we have eventually ended up in the same place?
Funny, but my guess is he meant they aren't there constantly like on an iPad or iPhone.
The new Safari is now up on Software Update for Snow Leopard, too. It doesn't state that the new features are for Lion only, so it looks like we're getting reading list, resume, new privacy settings, etc.
I asked pretty much the same question a couple of days ago and was referred here: http://osxdaily.com/2011/07/08/make-...b-flash-drive/ It's instructions for making a USB drive, but you can do the same for DVD or SD card, I understand.
New Posts  All Forums: