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I was so close to saying the same thing, but didn't want to get (virtually) kicked for it. I don't know which/how many of you are ladies!
I believe FaceTime is now included, which saves you $1. It may not seem like much, but it would only take 30 features to make up the cost and Apple said there's 250! I'd throw in Auto Save and Versions and AirDrop. The addition of Yahoo! messenger is nice. I think some of the changes to Mail will actually make it more productive - at least worth a dollar or two.
iCloud is worth $22 to the average Mac user and $11 for iDevices per year? How do you even go about coming to an estimate like that?
That's what I was looking for; perfect, thanks. It says in the comments to the article that it will work just as well with an SD card, too. So now it looks like we have 3 options for restore disks.
$505 million? Man, I was hoping to pick up some stock soon, but maybe not... When people see that picture, doesn't it make you think of Mac OS X 10.7 Aslan? Okay, serious question now: I had heard something about being able to make a bootable installer on an SD card instead of a DVD - does anyone know if that's really possible and how it would be done?
I agree with pmz - I think Best Buy just realizes that people already know all about the iPad, so it would actually be a waste of space for them to be advertising it. It will be a lot harder to sell the other tablets, since most people don't even know about them, so that's where they have to focus. Big retailers aren't really there to be loyal to one brand, they are just trying to sell the most products of any kind, so they need to figure out how make sure people know...
Can't you boot off of an SD card? Which would mean SD cards would be a good choice to set up as restoration media now that there is no Lion DVD. Maybe Apple will see it that way, since it jives well with their plans and include it on all models now. Or maybe they figure you can just use a large USB drive. That's how the original Air's "disks" came, wasn't it? I'm not sure what the advantages of one over the other would be, to be honest.
I'm not sure what the 3% thing is about... you can go to the online Apple store (store.apple.com or for Canada store.apple.com/ca), scroll down on the left side until you see "Education Store" and click on that. Then let them know what school you go to. You'll be returned to the store, but everything will be at least $50 cheaper. The MacBook Pro is $100 off. So it's not really cash back, it's just cheaper to begin with. If you click on the Mac App Store banner on that...
What I meant was, when you need to use a shortcut, how do you toggle the overlay?
How do you actually toggle the Assistive Touch menu?
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