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What I meant was, when you need to use a shortcut, how do you toggle the overlay?
How do you actually toggle the Assistive Touch menu?
What sorts of bugs are you two finding in the GM, anyway? Anything you think would convince people not to upgrade just yet if they knew about it?
Whoa, I clearly missed that feature... I didn't know you could turn off Spotlight. I may have to give that a try.
He can be as pretentious as he wants if he keeps coming up with such good designs. People say that's part of what makes Steve so successful, don't they? That unibody design kept my computer running perfectly after what could have totally destroyed it. That is a pretty angry face, though. Probably not what you want on PR pages. Thanks for the tip, I really appreciate it!
I wanted to send a message to Steve Jobs and Jonny Ive - actually a compliment, not a complaint. As far as I know, Steve's email address is sjobs@apple.com, right? But what about Jonny Ive? Does anyone know what his email address might be?
The "I'm Your Mother and You Should Listen to Me; and Don't Forget Your Coat" app
Wow, you're going to be waiting a really long time for your products. Did you pre-order an iPhone 1000 or something?Edit: Didn't notice it says at the bottom what you've ordered. I would have thought they'd have more than 42 versions in 1000 years, though.
While the "gigabytes" of material may be training and programs for the iPad retail system, it doesn't seem likely that that's what they'd use to celebrate their 10th anniversary and it doesn't seem like something store managers would be particularly excited about. Aren't these sorts of progressions just business as usual?
I agree - treating this like a full sized product, the idea is interesting. I think even the price can be justified when you compare it to a MacBook Pro (which the specs imply it is close to). The main problems are the weight and battery life. And I think those would be just too much to justify, especially given it may be hard to find a reason to get this product as opposed to a normal laptop.
New Posts  All Forums: