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I'm not sure why I didn't think of this before, and I'm pretty sure someone else already will have, but I wonder if the Mac App Store will include a new app for iBooks on your Mac... just in time for Christmas, too!
I don't know what the actual patents say and they may prove to be things for which patents shouldn't have been given, but St. Clair does seem to have done their homework. You have to admit they have a case when they can prove they offered licenses and can show Apple has considered their patents in the past, and had their own patent applications rejected because of St. Clair's patents. Which is exactly the point - your invention is using something that another company...
I don't agree that the idea as stated is "Microsoft stupid" and I don't entirely agree with the transition to cloud computing (need connections so fast they don't exist, data storage in the millions of terabytes, and don't forget the amount of things people store keeps growing). But I do think your idea for naming of OSX 11 is very creative, especially if it does have a (small) cloud component.
The way I understood it, the person with the iPhone wouldn't have access to the data on the computer, they would be using the computer as if their iPhone was the hard drive for that computer. Say you're in a public place with computers, like an airport or a library. The computer has OSX and maybe iWork on it, but no other files. You get a code from your phone that you type into a startup screen on the computer. The computer recognizes your phone as the hard drive, and then...
With the way you threw in the part about being at the store for your computer, I thought at first you were talking about an iBook G3. Dude, maybe it's time to upgrade? But I'm guessing you meant iPhone 3G. My bad.
I wonder if this video is actually a fake. It just seems too much with him saying multiple times how great and fast it is when it's clearly not doing what he wants it to. Plus, it looks *too* much like Windows. I would think if they were coming out with a new OS specific to tablets, they'd make a few more modifications to make it easier to use. Finally - a Ctrl-Alt-Del key? Seriously? It almost seems like a joke by someone who wants to make fun of Microsoft (and...
Selling more content "doesn't work" for Viacom, apparently.
I know there's been some debate over whether you're allowed to use a nickname in Ping. I was just searching for this myself and found that Apple has answered the question in their knowledge database which was updated today: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4306 The relevant part is here: Can I use my iTunes nickname to post iTunes Ping comments and reviews? No, your Ping profile name must match the name designated in your Account Payment Information screen within...
Dude, I've never even heard of Wave. What *did* it do?
It's up in Software Update now!
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