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Maybe this is going to be the amazing fall iOS update, rather than an iPad 3?
You should probably buy more stock anyway. If you can afford it when the price keeps rising.
So it looks like we've got: TextEdit - free and pre-installed Text Wrangler - free, not sure if on the App Store Taco HTML - $25, available on the Mac App Store TextMate - $55 Espresso - $80, www.macrabbit.com Flux - £70, www.theescapers.com I believe there's also one called HyperEdit that's only $15 on the App Store, but it hasn't been updated in about 2 years. I haven't tried it, but I hear it has a feature to automatically check your code for compliance (to HTML 4.01 or...
Which makes sense, since the iPhone is so shiny!
The question is, can Intel succeed in making use of the NVidia designs that they've acquired? They've never proven themselves to be very savvy when it comes to graphics. Perhaps an insight into a good GPU company is all they need, or perhaps it's an inherent problem within their company that will hold them back even now. Even if they do succeed in making a great GPU, do you think the years of bad graphics will cause computer-buyers who actually look at the specs to shy...
Perhaps there will be a cheaper, non-camera enabled version of the iPad, hence the three versions?
Came across this article, not really on a website I would have expected it: http://www.gamespot.com/news/6286178.html It talks about how the case between NVIDIA and Intel has been settled with NVIDIA getting $1.5 billion and Intel getting access to a whole lot of NVIDIA patents (although it doesn't really say which ones). NVIDIA came out without the rights to make the chipsets some of us were hoping for, so it looks like it's back to the old fashion of Intel chipsets...
Not a bad thought, but I think every company could use one of those. At Apple, it just seems that people like Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall *are* those guys. And Richard Branson has said he does that at Virgin. It needs to just be built into the company that when something sucks, people need to speak up and the higher ups need to accept it and start again.
Well, technically they said they wouldn't allow free trials, only full retail apps, right? It shouldn't actually matter what the apps cost (or don't), as long as they are full versions.
I love how at the top of the page are continents/large land masses with rows of countries and at the bottom is "The US and Canada" with the countries listed being The US... and Canada. Also, with the whole DVD debate, it is possible that they would remove optical disk drives now that they have the Mac App Store, especially if they continue the trend we already know they started - let people who want to buy programs off of shelves buy flash drives. Or even SD cards.
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