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Didn't the Apple engineers specifically say to avoid hamburger menus?
So... nothing like Andrew from Bicentennial Man. But I guess any other robot from that movie would qualify.
Andrew from Bicentennial Man?
They haven't been streamed 100% of the time, but they are quite often and it seems like more regularly as time goes on. I think the most unusual part is how much advertising they're putting out that it'll be a streamed event, and a big one. As Solipsism said, sometimes it's just a note the day before, or a link on their website that shows it'll be streamed. A countdown timer from 5 days beforehand really seems like they're trying to build hype.
They still edit it later. When Anki was shown at WWDC, the live stream showed the manager on stage had multiple issues with communications between the iPhone and the toy car. In the downloaded "podcast" version, that sequence is much shortened and it looks like just a few seconds of fussing before the device works. I remember being surprised at how long that guy took to get it to work - I completely understand that little glitches like that happen, especially with a brand...
I would have hoped for each release to be better than the last, rather than the next   The return of the berry colours! It's about time. Although, we probably don't need a handle for the laptops anymore. If you have trouble carrying a 1.6kg laptop, you probably aren't old enough to deserve one.
Maybe someone can convince the courts to overturn his patent. Prior art, or something similar... (P.S., It's "kowtow" with a "k".)
I read the original comment more as: how did Apple create these great products in the past when they weren't putting so much effort into being diverse? (Rhetorical question, with the answer being something along the lines of, it's not the diversity that counts, it's the talent.) Then the answer came that it was Steve Jobs who created them, but Steve Jobs was basically another white majority male, and this whole topic would try to make you believe that he can't have made a...
I did see his post, I just thought he was referring to the second tweet from Gruber, where he said he had just been joking. I didn't realize he was referring to the third, where Gruber then said he was only joking about the timing, but Apple is indeed creating a wearable device. Especially since it looks, based on the timing, that he posted that link before Gruber even made the third tweet. It doesn't help that AppleInsider didn't update the article to reflect that third...
I don't see that anyone has actually pointed out Gruber's clarification to his clarification: "The joke is Apple event happening before Moto 270 even ships. Apple wearable imminent: no joke." He thinks there's a wrist thing shipping, he just doesn't know when.
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