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I read the original comment more as: how did Apple create these great products in the past when they weren't putting so much effort into being diverse? (Rhetorical question, with the answer being something along the lines of, it's not the diversity that counts, it's the talent.) Then the answer came that it was Steve Jobs who created them, but Steve Jobs was basically another white majority male, and this whole topic would try to make you believe that he can't have made a...
I did see his post, I just thought he was referring to the second tweet from Gruber, where he said he had just been joking. I didn't realize he was referring to the third, where Gruber then said he was only joking about the timing, but Apple is indeed creating a wearable device. Especially since it looks, based on the timing, that he posted that link before Gruber even made the third tweet. It doesn't help that AppleInsider didn't update the article to reflect that third...
I don't see that anyone has actually pointed out Gruber's clarification to his clarification: "The joke is Apple event happening before Moto 270 even ships. Apple wearable imminent: no joke." He thinks there's a wrist thing shipping, he just doesn't know when.
I have to admit, the way they put up the stats and work out the numbers on why this is better for everyone does make it seem reasonable. Until I read this line: "In fact, the 30% share of total revenue is what Hachette forced us to take in 2010 when they illegally colluded with their competitors to raise e-book prices." That's just unnecessarily venomous wording, and seems purposefully written to make the reader hate Hachette no matter what the true facts are. There's no...
Yeah, from what I hear, if you're really lucky, you won't get sleep for another 18 months. If you're not so lucky, you won't get sleep for another 18 years.
It looks too much like a criminal's ankle monitor. I'm also not sure how useful this information will all be, or if it will just give paranoid parents a new way to constantly monitor and be overly paranoid. Like Andysol said, you'd expect parents to be able to figure out most of this on their own anyway. As for congenital heart disease, how much of it can be found based on heart rate? I doubt this monitor can track heart sounds.
Yeesh, can we just deal with iPhone 6 rumours first? We have enough trouble with things 1 month away, forget 10.
It's already on, you just have to shake your TV to really notice it.
New Posts  All Forums: