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Perhaps you should look up the definition of whining. I didn't complain about the update at all and I didn't imply there was anything wrong with the current update.
That's basically what I said - while I might worry about it happening, I wouldn't think it actually will. Don't a lot of people worry about upgrading at the wrong time? There's no need to yell, just because you're upset with Vader.
This is exactly what I'm worried about; I've been waiting for an upgrade since the start of the year, so I'm kind of eager to jump on this, but I'm willing to wait a couple of months if something new comes out with Yosemite. With Apple's usual pattern of upgrades, though, I would be surprised if they put out a new configuration for only 3 months.
You're probably right - I don't think Apple would release new computers now unless it figured the new chips wouldn't come out for months yet. I don't recall when the last time they had more than 2 refreshes in a year was.
A little off topic, but since we're talking about memory usage, how do those of you running Yosemite find it compares? Does it seem faster than Mavericks? I have a 2009 13" MacBook Pro running Mavericks and it seriously lags on certain tasks (I still only have the standard 2GB RAM) and would love to be able to update without having to worry about crippling my system... although I might just finally upgrade since it's been 5 years.
Maybe it has something to do with Swift?
"Greetings" was a bad ad? I liked it! It was nicely reminiscent of the "Hello" ad while being updated to the new phone and colourful style.
"I have found 4 singles' clubs near you..."
How do you actually find someone's location, if they're sharing it? Do they just send you a message with a map, like in the article? It would be neat if I knew some of my friends were nearby and I could just open Maps and see a pin where they are, because they're sharing their location. Or even if I specifically had to type one of their names, as if they were a store or restaurant, and then have a pin and route to find them.
Do you mean, "What day does it split", or, "What day does it hit $1 trillion"? I think bets are in order on the latter.
New Posts  All Forums: