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Absolutely, I agree - the last time I used the optical drive on my laptop, I was moving some old files over to an external drive because I knew the optical drive wouldn't be there on my next laptop! If it weren't for wanting to move those files, I can't remember when the last time I used the drive was.Marvin, what's your opinion on the refurbished MacBook Pros from last year? On the Canada website, the new entry-level 13" is $1,399, while a 2013 model with 8GB RAM and...
I think what he's trying to say is, if people continue to use Firewire so much, despite it being the worse technology, companies will take the easier/cheaper way out and continue to develop Firewire accessories and ignore Thunderbolt. Those of us ready to use the new technology won't get a chance, because no one will develop it. If that happens enough, technological progress will slow. So in that sense, we need a big company to throw away the outdated stuff and force...
I didn't clue into the fact that the new MacBook Pros don't have an ethernet port until I read your post. I looked up the specs and diagrams yesterday, but it just didn't click in my head that that was gone. I guess that's a testament to how little I use it.
Perhaps you should look up the definition of whining. I didn't complain about the update at all and I didn't imply there was anything wrong with the current update.
That's basically what I said - while I might worry about it happening, I wouldn't think it actually will. Don't a lot of people worry about upgrading at the wrong time? There's no need to yell, just because you're upset with Vader.
This is exactly what I'm worried about; I've been waiting for an upgrade since the start of the year, so I'm kind of eager to jump on this, but I'm willing to wait a couple of months if something new comes out with Yosemite. With Apple's usual pattern of upgrades, though, I would be surprised if they put out a new configuration for only 3 months.
You're probably right - I don't think Apple would release new computers now unless it figured the new chips wouldn't come out for months yet. I don't recall when the last time they had more than 2 refreshes in a year was.
A little off topic, but since we're talking about memory usage, how do those of you running Yosemite find it compares? Does it seem faster than Mavericks? I have a 2009 13" MacBook Pro running Mavericks and it seriously lags on certain tasks (I still only have the standard 2GB RAM) and would love to be able to update without having to worry about crippling my system... although I might just finally upgrade since it's been 5 years.
Maybe it has something to do with Swift?
"Greetings" was a bad ad? I liked it! It was nicely reminiscent of the "Hello" ad while being updated to the new phone and colourful style.
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