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"Greetings" was a bad ad? I liked it! It was nicely reminiscent of the "Hello" ad while being updated to the new phone and colourful style.
"I have found 4 singles' clubs near you..."
How do you actually find someone's location, if they're sharing it? Do they just send you a message with a map, like in the article? It would be neat if I knew some of my friends were nearby and I could just open Maps and see a pin where they are, because they're sharing their location. Or even if I specifically had to type one of their names, as if they were a store or restaurant, and then have a pin and route to find them.
Do you mean, "What day does it split", or, "What day does it hit $1 trillion"? I think bets are in order on the latter.
I was reading Broadwell will essentially just be another energy improvement - will Skylake actually be a processor speed/power improvement? I probably won't be able to wait to get a new laptop until then anyway, though.
Wasn't the Pippin their failed video game console 20 years ago?
There was no iPod Touch release last year... I don't recall any iPod releases last year. So they could do an early release this year. You're right, though, it's more likely they'll stick to the pattern of autumn releases for music items. I was just commenting that it seems to be the one thing that hasn't been rumoured yet (not counting a grocery store chain).
Maybe new iPods? I would appreciate it - a new iPod Touch with specs matching the 5S, because I don't use a cell phone but I like the rest of it...
Exactly - I'm not against the idea of a "tricorder" but the right people need to be using them and need to know what to do with the information. If you need your testosterone or vitamin D levels checked, go to a doctor. Don't check them daily at home because it's probably going to show you a meaningless trend and you might not know what to do with the information you're getting anyway. And while I've never actually watched Star Trek, I'm guessing it wasn't the random...
This sounds like an absolutely terrible idea that will just help make a world of hypochondriacs. I can see no reason to need to track something like vitamin D or testosterone on a daily basis. Inflammation markers are completely nonspecific as well. Only the fertility tracker might make sense.
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