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I never denied that he was chosen for a reason and I didn't say he's not doing a good job. You used the word "fiction" and gave a silly scenario, implying that mdriftmeyer was lying about what he said; but all he said in that post was that Oppenheimer's not the most friendly guy, and I was trying to say that he'd likely know whether that's true. If your point was not "mdriftmeyer is making this up", then it wasn't clear. I guess from what you posted to me that you were...
You might want to park your skepticism at the door and consider the fact he might actually know what he's talking about. There are actually ex-Apple and ex-NextStep employees and other people who ran Apple retailers, etc., on these boards. He most likely knows exactly what he's talking about. So unless you can prove you have a stronger connection to Apple than he does, you're being rude.
Even a maxed out Mac Pro is around $10,000, isn't it? (Assuming no peripherals like extra screens and what-not.) What would a $33,000 computer even be? When I think about it, there just seems to be a huge gap between pro computers and IBM's Watson, with nothing in between I know of.
I have been since the day it came out. And my iTunes is up to date. I imagine it has something to do with my not residing in the US. I figured now that people are seeing iTunes Radio on iOS devices, the button to select it in the OSX iTunes might finally appear outside the US, but from what I can see, it's still not there.
Does anyone know of a way to get it to work on the Mac? I don't even get an option for it, just "internet" radio.
Is this the one you're looking for? It sounded familiar to what you're saying here: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/159065/canalys-android-lacks-the-rigorously-managed-high-quality-optimized-apps-seen-on-apples-ipad#post_2380918
So clever and, yet, so dangerous if not enough people here know about Mac programming.
Artsy people can use capacitive styluses (styli?), too. From what I've read, the Wacom Bamboo works quite well for this. The suggestion by Dick Applebaum is a possibility, too, although it's 3X more expensive.
I don't see why iOS wouldn't *support* a stylus. If you're one of the few people who would benefit from one, you're welcome to find one on your own, it's just that Apple has decided most people won't care, so they don't sell one as a default.
Interesting choice of experiments - Method 1: open Activity Monitor; Method 2: measure time taken to toast one's meatballs. Hmm...
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