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Is WWDC only three weeks away now? I hadn't even realized! That sends shivers down my spine. Of course, it could just be that the air conditioning is over-acting, but I like to believe it's anticipation.
Why do you figure it won't have AV inputs?
Poor Pacific coast-ers.
    That's nuts! I've been awake for a little over an hour and just read the news about WWDC about half an hour ago. Selling out that fast must make ever attending a WWDC very hard on people in the west...     Why does a colourful banner mean the Mac Pro is dead?
    Wait, so the online shipping estimate was 1-2 weeks, and then improved to... 1-2 weeks? Am I missing something, or is this some convoluted definition of "improved"?
They want a resolution? How about 2048 x 1536? That sounds like a pretty impressive resolution to me!   At least we know Apple has done a lot more with the iPad name than Proview. I realize in the end that has no bearing on the case, but it is the kind of thing that could make people want to vote in Apple's favour.
Wow, I hope she was joking, otherwise that makes her sound a bit sadistic. Or like you did something to really upset her. Good luck. I hope your iPad is still there when you get home. (PS. I think the answer is about $100. That's the amount I saw some people willing to pay in ads asking someone else to stand in line for them on Friday.)
But is it peppier? Wait, I feel like I got that wrong...
B28? Apple's one more thing sounds like it's going to be either a fighter jet or a new vitamin.
That's a pretty good summary of the 46 posts above yours into a line... it also included a debate on whether that's a good thing or not and if anyone is ripping off anyone else.
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