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Unfortunately not all apps have built in file navigation so you still have to rely on the Finder. I use 3rd party navigation apps as much as but they can't completely replace the finder for reasons I have discussed elsewhere. Yes, iOS has a lot wrong about it's file navigation as well.
Which computers? What are talking about?
I understand what Henry Ford was talking about and it is not true. Sometimes Steve came up with ok ideas and sometimes he came up with some of the worst ideas in the world. Remember Ping? The one button mouse that was supposed to make computing easier but actually made it harder? The circle mouse? The iPod shuffle that didn't have any buttons on it? Making iTunes a bloated mess rather then splitting it off into about five separate apps? The original macs heavy dependance...
"Oh, and jobs is right The average consumer ISN'T insightful, creative, intelligent, or knowledgeable enough to come up with the next step in technology- and the next step has never been dictated by consumer demands, but by a small amount of people like Steve Jobs taking huge risks on new ideas and implementations."   I am insightful enough to know that for an example the Finder is one of the worst examples of file navigation I have ever seen and yet all through out...
Yes, it is a cocky attitude. When Steve was asked about the Mac market share he said that people were choosing PCs over Macs only because they were confused. Many people know what they are getting with the Mac and choose not to buy one they are not confused. When Steve first returned to Apple he said that if anything was wrong it is our fault and that we should not place the blame on other people when things go wrong. What happened to that attitude? Later on he would...
Did I say Apple should not make a profit? I don't remember saying that. People aren't just buying Windows machines because they are cheap. It's because they provide several options that Macs don't offer. As long as Apple has this cocky attitude that they always know what is best for every user their market share will continue to stay a complete joke.
If Apple has the attitude that there is nothing wrong with the Mac line then I suspect the market share will stay at 2%.
They have released tiny evolutionary updates. They need to balance evolutionary updates with more revolutionary ones. Going too far with evolutions or revolutions will be a problem. Both types of updates are necessary.
I am not asking for them to do all that. I was just wondering if it would be too much to ask for them to put out a new desktop once a decade?
Ok, I saw the reason. They are revolutionary because they have Intel processors. I see that makes complete sense. How did I miss that?
New Posts  All Forums: