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I don't believe they should keep the optical drives, I never said that.  
I have only heard one answer to this question and it was someone agreeing with me that the 2004 model is only an evolutionary change from the current model a decade later. One guy said it was revolutionary because it had an Intel processor! Bwahahahahaha!
Yes, it was. What I said was that the Air replaced the white MacBook in 2011 which is true.
You ask saying that tablets are going to REPLACE both desktops and laptops? Oh.... my..... word. And yes tablet have become laptops for many people. They even have set ups with physical keyboards that make them essentially the same thing. It is also has features like minimal ports like the Air and no optical drive. The Air and the iPad are very much in the same range and are getting closer all the time.
Yes, the PC market does have a very wide range of desktops to pick from which might explain a lot of the reason behind their 97% market share. I don't think that phones, tablets, and laptops should be radically changed every year since the goal for mobile devices should be to have them be very thin. That is not the main goal of desktops.
We have already been discussing what the next revolution could be if you have been reading the forum. Of course I am complaining about a thinner iMac screen. Thin is not the most important attribute of a desktop. The same complaint can be said of the Mini.
No, I don't have any complaints about the laptop line because it has been revolutionized recently. The MacBook Air was a revolutionary design that replaced the MacBook only about two years ago. Many people are using the iPad and iPad Mini as a laptop replacements and that is a revolutionary design that is only about there years old. That's two revolutionary designs to the laptop line in three years. I'd say that is pretty good. People in the other forum were calling me an...
A desktop can be very revolutionary. Look how the iMac evolved in it's first six years. Laptops are good for some but not all. I don't know why others haven't moved to a competitor but the reason I haven't moved is because I would like to stay on the Mac OS. I am not staying because I like their desktop line up.
THANK YOU for providing a reasonable observation to their desktop line. You wouldn't believe how hard it is for me to make the point that they need a wider desktop selection. It is important to point out that the Cube didn't work since Apple had too many competing products at that time. Today, however, it doesn't have any products that compete with it. The mini isn't really the same thing, it's was Apple's first low end machine which was a new category for them. A really...
Products like that would sell. As we can clearly see from their earnings report it is their current line up that is the problem not what I am proposing.
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