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There is a lot of content that I would prefer to own rather then rent (mainly music videos that I watch over and over again.) They will probably do that because bringing the iOS to the Apple TV makes sense and you need a hard drive for that.
A really think that Apple bought out Midnight App's Cha-Ching. Cha-Ching had one of the most promising interfaces for a financial app but then one day they just stopped development and the developers completely stopped communicating with anyone. I really have to wonder if they were bought out and they are just keeping quiet because of how Apple likes to keep things secret. Cha-Ching would be a very logical addition to iWork.
Yes, it definitely needs a new case but I actually kind of like the big metal case. I mainly just want them to come up with a new look. They seem to have been incorporating the black in with the metal in their other hardware maybe that is what they will do.
The feature has had it's share of fans and critics. The perfect feature for an extension.
I think I agree with Steve's entire letter except for this part: "Mac OS X has been shipping for almost 10 years now, Adobe just adopted it fully (Cocoa) two weeks ago" When Steve first announced Carbon and Cocoa he said that Carbon was going to be where most software would be written initially. Go look up that expo on YouTube. He made it very clear. In fact weren't Apple's iApps just rewritten for Cocoa last year in Snow Leopard?!? It seems like I started hearing about...
Does anyone know if there is syncing with 3rd party apps via USB? I don't know if the list AppleInsider provided is a complete list or not.
The biggest let down of buying an iPod Touch last year was realizing that it won't sync with 3rd party apps any other way than over WiFi. Many businesses don't use WiFi for security reasons which means I can't sync half my apps (Things, Bento, etc.)
It's not only that the design was fun but the iMac G4 also had a great design if it were used as a touch screen device. The problem with these all in one touch screen desktop computers that was brought up previously is that the monitor at basically vertical. That would get extremely fatiguing after hours of use. All the blood would run out of your arm over time. The iMac G4 was totally different. It let you adjust the screen to any position you wanted meaning that it would...
No actually Quicken is the only program I can think of that I prefer on Windows. Every other app that comes to mind I prefer, or even strongly prefer on the mac.
I just don't understand why they don't resurrect Newton. I think it is fun how they play off the Apple name the same way they did with Macintosh. Why do they keep using "i" in everything? Everyone knows that all devices connect to the internet these so why do we keep needing to be reminded of that? I am really hoping that the iPad name gets blocked for them like the iTV name got blocked (which later became Apple TV.)
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