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I would like to contradict everyone and say that I think the Pre is the one and only touch screen phone that I like besides the iPhone that I've used. The ability to use more than one app at a time is a big advantage over the iPhone. Frankly I don't see any of the performance issues that Apple is claiming exists by running multiple programs at the same time. I am extremely interested in what will happen with Palm from this point on. Where Palm is today reminds of a...
Where do you go to arrange your music by artist, album, etc? In iTunes 8 there was that black bar that went across the top but I can't see were this functionality was moved to.
Who cares about FM radio? The music on radio is awful. It's just the same songs being played everyday year after year. Now that you can buy used CDs for so little why bother with radio at all?
I wondering if they will ever fix Spaces in 10.5.x?
Windows used to run on PowerPC. You can't boot into it from Leopard though, you have to have Tiger or earlier. I think the software was called Virtual PC.
You don't think there will be many PowerMac G5s in use in 18 months? I can understand the other PowerPC Macs but the PowerMac G5 is still really fast today. I can see using it maybe another 3 or 4 years since it hasn't seemed to slow down at all over the past 5 years. I can easily stay on Adobe CS4 as I probably only used about 25% of the features it already has. I would definitely like to keep seeing lots of updates to Cha-Ching, Things, and Live Interior though.
The new Macs don't provide anything I need so it wouldn't make any sense to get one. Spending $2,500 on a new MacPro just to get modest operating system upgrade seems a little expensive. It's really a bummer, I was hoping to use some of the refinements. I wonder how long 3rd parties will support Leopard (and therefore the PowerPC?) If they will keep putting out new updates for Leopard for the next 2-3 years than I will be content.
New Posts  All Forums: