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Yes, and I was satisfied with that machine when I bought it in 2005. Now that I am locked into the Mac platform as I have spent thousands on Mac software and have no other options. The lineup looked good at the time but they are now stuck in a rut. I am entitled to better then this.
Yes, I am entitled. When I spend a premium on Apple's hardware I am entitled to get a product that makes up for the cost that I spent on it. If this was some bargin bin PC I was buying I wouldn't have such high expectations but for the premium Apple charges I expect more and the fact is that Apple's current desktop line is nothing but a joke. I bought my PowerMac in 2005 because they had a decent line up back then and I expected them to keep it up but man have they gone...
And get stuck with a laptop HD, 1TB drive, measly 256GB of SS storage on the fushion drive, and snail slow performance? I'll pass.   So what I am supposed to upgrade to?   The minimal number of HDs for a desktop should be two not having a backup is inexcusable. Being able to easily replace the drive is a must. Having to wait for someone to install a drive at the Apple store is stupid (and many people don't live by an Apple store making the task impossible.) The iMac is...
  It is a niche product that has it's place in crowded spaces like a dorm room or very small apartment but it's difficult expansion, single hard drive, and laptop drive leave it out of the mid-range category. I just can't bring myself to replace a PowerMac with an iMac and the MacPro is way more expansion then is necessary for my needs. Also the 27" monitor on the iMac is way too big.
I wasn't making a comparison with the iMac. Doing that wouldn't make sense since the iMac isn't a mid-range machine.
The PowerMac was priced at $1,600 for the longest time and then skyrocketed up nearly $1,000 so they are in very different categories. For a while they sold the PowerMac G4 and PowerMac G5 at the same time this provided a nice mid range and high end option. Unfortunately they killed off their mid-range line about seven years ago and are yet to replace it with anything else.
I have noticed that too. I am currently writing this comment on a nine year old PowerMac G5 since it has lasted so long. If Apple ever comes out with a mid-range machine I would be interested in buying that but in the mean time I shall wait.....   I respect Cnet for doing this rather than just praising everything Apple puts out. I think reviews on Apple products have gotten a little overly positive recently so it is good to have them come along and ground us back to reality.
The last iMac wasn't nine inches. What are you talking about? It all has to do with finding balance. Yes, the first version of this style of iMac, the iMac G5, was a bit porky and benefited from being slimmed down. But at some point they need to ask when do we switch from slimming the product down and start to focus more on making up for it's slow performance.
I have seen those ads on TV for the razor thin TVs and think that makes sense since you don't want something terribly thick protruding from the wall. If it is sitting on your desk you won't even notice it's tickness until you have to turn the computer on it's side to access the ports. Also if the iMac (or whatever they would call their TV) was 60" it would have enough specs and might be able to get around it performance short comings of the iMac with the smaller screen....
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