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@razorpit That is a great point about the iMac eventually turning into Apple TV where being thin would be more important. That could be really good in the future but for current versions of the product strictly as a computer it doesn't make any sense. It is interesting to entertain the idea of a 50"-60" iMac hanging from your wall. It seems like the natural evolution for the product.   @isaidso I am glad Cnet posted that review and are not just praising every move...
No, no, the Macbook and the iPad are completely different from the iMac. I understand why those are getting thinner, they are mobile devices. I don't understand the iMac getting thinner because a) it is a desktop and b) it was already very thin. Yes they did lower performance, the 21" model has a laptop drive in it now rather then the 7800 drives that were in the previous version. I used the 21" version in the store and it was painfully slow the 27" was moderately better.
I don't understand the new iMac's design. Who was asking for a thinner iMac? Why don't they just keep it the same size as the last and up the performance so it becomes more of a mid-range machine instead of being fairly low end machine?
Firefox is the best browser since it has the best support for tagging bookmarks.
What we need is a version of iBooks that will support audio books so that they can be annotated just like the text books.
It's too bad that despite the higher res interface that it still remains way too cluttered. It's no where near as good as Office 2010.
I am sorry I don't understand the question. I assume by OS you are talking about iOS 6. Of course if Apple wanted to they could have supported both PowerPC version of iTunes 10.7 and therefore supported compatibility with iOS 6.
I am still running a PowerMac G5 as well! I planned on getting the iPhone 5 as my first iPhone but now I will have to wait! Hopefully they will release Retina iMacs soon. I wonder why they chose to make 10.7 Intel only instead of just waiting for the overhauled version of iTunes before making the jump to Intel only?  
Now all Apple needs to do is move audiobooks over to ibooks (so that they can use the annotation features) and move more of the music features on the Mac over to the iOS music app.
I don't see why it has to be 27". I still use a 20" monitor and I couldn't imagine what I would do with anything bigger. I just care about increasing the screen resolution; the size of the screen doesn't have to be any bigger.
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