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I would rather have intigration with Google+; I think that service is far more promising then FB. FB has basically been getting worse in the last year while G+ has been getting WAY better.
Yes, I would really like a desktop Retina display! I certainly don't have a need for a 27" monitor but if they made a 20" monitor I would be fine with that. The only problem with having it on a separate monitor is that Apple still doesn't have a decent monitor less computer to go with it. The dated MacPro and underpowered Mini are not all that enticing to me.
I haven't used FCP X but I am assuming that it doesn't make it's own tags? Therefore the only way you would be able to group clips of a certain person together would be if you typed that person's name in? When I hear people talk about AI I think they mean that they want for the computer to figure out a person's name and they hasn't worked too successfully (look at iPhoto's faces feature for proof on this.)
No, there is no way for the artificial intelligence to do this. A computer can't possibly know what the most important words are for a particular file. Fortunately giving a file some tags only takes a few seconds.
Here is a post that I wrote a couple of years ago where I asked if the Macs moving to make Lion be more like iOS was going to be the end of the Finder. The people in the post bring up some interesting ideas: http://forums.appleinsider.com/showthread.php?t=114450
Yeah, I don't get why Apple just don't get this concept of tagging very well. I only use HoudahSpot and Punakea when search for files via tagging and it has been so much easier. I basically just dump all my files into the documents folder and forget about using the hierarchy system entirely.
...so I don't have to even open the page. Did anyone really not see this coming from a mile away? It was the next logical step. I don't see what the complaining is about I am really looking forward to a strong competitor to Facebook.
"Apple will also continue its efforts to simplify away complexities in the computing world such as the conventional file system" Thank goodness. Hopefully the Finder will be replaced with something more like HoudahSpot, Punakea, etc. Maybe Apple should put out a new app for managing documents on the Mac App Store and as it becomes more refined replace the Finder with the new program.
Except that iCloud work on both vista and windows 7. I wished the windows iCloud control panel would come to PowerPC as well. Why is it that it works on 2006 OS from a competing OS but not their own OS from 2007? I would really like to start using iCloud with Bento and Billings. I still don't plan on getting an Intel Mac for a while.
But I have had a world of problems with iOS 5 and iTunes 10.5. iOS 5 was deleting my files before I even signed up for iCloud.
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