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Me too! Nobody wants a product that is barely a year and half old?! Maybe no tech enthusiast wants it but I am sure a large amount of the general population does. When I went to school in the late 90s we still had several PCs that where running Windows 3.1, a lab full of old, very slow Mac Classics, and even a few Apple IIs. Apple was giving a big discount on several of their machines at the time which where quite new. Being able to use those machines was a huge benefit...
Yes, you can already use an iOS device to enter in text, also I think you can even use a regular blue tooth keyboard (or maybe adding that feature was a rumor.)
What I want to know is when they are going to add support for viewing and adding comments to YouTube. One of the main reasons I go to YouTube is so that I can read what other people have thought about a video. Sometimes I go to a YouTube video's page just so that I can read the comments.
I really have been into this FF feature. It is actually surprising that it took someone so long to think up this idea. It makes tabs less cluttered and more logically grouped. The only other way to do this was to have to have several windows open at the same time cluttering up everything. This feature would make more sense built into the OS so that other apps could get the treatment as well. I would love to have this feature in Creative Suite that uses tabs as well. Anyone...
It is very possible that the iPad updates could be moved to the Fall rather then in March. Right now the iPod, iPhone, and iOS will all come out around the fall so why should the the iPad be pushed back all the way to March? Also it is logical to update the OS at the same time you are updating the hardware.
Finally, it took eighteen comments to get to some common sense. From what I remember OS X didn't really get usable until about 10.3. I thought it was funny when someone said they have OS 9 to fall back on. How is a quite old legacy OS like OS 9 a fall back plan? I fail to see how OS 9 could compete around a time when MS finally started to get their act together with the stable Windows XP. I know people here don't want to give credit to anything Windows but the one thing...
I really like organizing my open windows that way. The convenience of tabs without having all the tabs get crammed into one window. They are also more logically organized when you can name the groupings. This would be a great expansion to Expose.
It would be a pain to have to switch between two different tablets all the time.
Yes! I have started a discussion on the forums about this topic where people went into great detail to how this could be accomplished. Hopefully this will happen very soon!
I think using the tying the V in would make a good tag line. It would certainly make way more sense then using an X for 10. It only applies to one territory but it is a big one for a lot of people so it makes sense to play up.
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