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Anyone know if Kate Winslet is naked in it? She's pretty much naked in all her films so......
 Hollywood will make up the difference by finding some kid who illegally downloaded it and then sue him for $60 million.
Yes. There are those who just like to hear themselves complain. However as idiotic as that is, I find the habit of certain moderators on here where they automatically dismiss any criticism with smug mockery to be equally idiotic.
And when released will be buggy. They'll probably have replaced Photos with something else......it'll get to a .4 or .5 update and by then they'll have moved on to OS X 10.12 .   Still happy with Snow Leopard.
Now get off my lawn!!
It's an 5th gen Airport extreme.   Worked fine on my old school Core Duo iMac running Snow Leopard.   Got a new(er) iMac running Yosemite and it can't go more than a day without forgetting what network it's connected to.
Great. So now we have endless Apple Watch stories to go along with the endless Apple iPhone stories.   I remember when Apple used to be about computers.   Hey, can you guys maybe do a story on why after 3 friggin updates Yosemite still keeps dropping my Goddamn wireless connection???
So this means the NSA can determine how often I've looked at Midget Porn sites???
 Way to miss the point completely.
Wow. An actual useful response instead of the usual 'you're an idiot' responses that seem to dominate this site....   So basically because it include the Spotlight search text box they shrunk the font to squeeze more space in.   I understand now. However I still think it's wrong. An interface should be consistent not changing depending on this situation or that situation etc.   Still, I appreciate the links you gave.
New Posts  All Forums: