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No it doesn't. On earlier OS's (Snow Leopard) the font is different and smaller. On Yosemite at least they made the font the same, but the size is smaller than the other menu items.
My God. Why can no one else see this?    Click on the Apple icon on the top left....drag the mouse to see each drop down menu (File, Edit, View, History etc.) Notice the difference when you get to the Help drop down?
Imagine my surprise when the first thing I checked was the Help Menu and IT'S STILL MESSED UP! Come on Apple! WTH? You busted it back in Leopard? and still haven't fixed it. For a release whose emphasis is being polished this is a bloody joke. Pathetic.
Amazing. Hey let's all move to the cloud! It's so super duper awesome!
And Snow Leopard??
"Kirsten Dunst seems to believe that her iCloud account was hacked."   Um. She shows her rack in almost every movie she's in. Not sure how this is an invasion of 'privacy'.
Right....wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
Racist? Wow talk about reading something into nothing. Wonder who the real racist is...
Doesn't he get paid that per game?
The SE/30, IIci, and Color Classic were the best, most expandable Macs until the Cube came along.   I'm running OS 8.1 on my SE/30, OS 8.6 on my IIci, and OS 9.1 on my Color Classic :)
New Posts  All Forums: