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Racist? Wow talk about reading something into nothing. Wonder who the real racist is...
Doesn't he get paid that per game?
The SE/30, IIci, and Color Classic were the best, most expandable Macs until the Cube came along.   I'm running OS 8.1 on my SE/30, OS 8.6 on my IIci, and OS 9.1 on my Color Classic :)
No, no, it's still pretty funny.
Ha! I used to own a NeXTStation Turbo Color.......cost me over $15,000 back then.
But I already have a trashcan in my office...
And they removed them in the first place why????
I'm sure according to the usual suspect Moderator on here anyone who doesn't think the new version is the greatest thing ever made are idiots...   This isn't new. Apple has a habit of taking an ok product and somehow making it worse in the next release.......then they 'fix' it the release after and somehow market it like it's a brilliant new 'feature'.   Quicktime and iMovie come to mind immediately...
 Speaking of stupid....obviously you missed where I said it's being marketed by keying in on the fact it's 64-bit as if by that very virtue it's all super awesome.
Unless the device has more than 4GB or memory - it is indeed just marketing fluff (yes the chip has other advantages, but that's not what's being pushed as being so great - it's just that it's a 64-bit chip).   But so what? Apple is the only company where marketing plays up their products to a simplistic consumer?
New Posts  All Forums: