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I'm holding out for the iPad 13...
Ok, then by your reasoning someone wouldn't be able to distinguish being at a symphony live vs listening to it on their iPod.I find that ludicrous.
pwned? What are you 12? Let's just agree to disagree
I vaguely remember us having this exact argument months, years? ago
iTunes will let you export from AAC to MP3 or WAV? I thought only certain songs don't have DRM on them - most songs have to be played in iTunes.
Yes but you can't transfer it to your Sony player - it's legal as long as it's only on an Apple system. So in essence Apple owns the song - not you.
Enjoy trying to transfer your digital file to another system - you're breaking the law. A physical CD is mine. I can do whatever the hell I want with it, play it in any player I want, legally sell it to someone else etc. etc. Convenience and lethargy will be the death of us all.
SACD is only dead if we stop buying them! I for one still do. Fleetwood Mac's Rumours sounds amazing on SACD.
Do you also think movies in DD5.1 sound as good as those in DTS-HD?
Then you wasted your money.
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