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All of which wouldn't have happened to begin with had Bill Clinton the balls to pull the trigger during his reign.......and conveniently neglecting that all the intelligence apparatus put in place to catch Bin Laden was initiated while Bush was in power.
Like invading Libya on the same BS pretense used to invade Iraq? Like repealing the ban on assassination that had been in place since the 70's? Like authorizing legislation giving him the sole power to arrest anyone, US citizen or not, anywhere in the world and hold them indefinitely without trial? Like renewing the Patriot act? Like breaking his promise to close Guantanamo Bay?
Japan attacked first because they had no choice. The US had imposed an oil embargo on them - gee, kinda like what they're doing with Iran.
(typical Obama lover retort) - He's just cleaning up Bush's mess and by the way you're a racist.
Why I tend to not post on these forums anymore.... Endless 'debates' between the usual suspects as to who is more correct about (usually) something vaguely related to the news story... The comic geek from the Simpsons dutifully hammering away on the keyboard to express his indignation comes to mind....
I'm currently reading Isaacson's book, and am at the chapter where Steve founds NeXT. Two things I've taken away from the book so far: - Steve was a world class A-hole - All these Execs tended to cry a lot
Wasn't Steve actually a replicant???
Arstechnica? Maybe?It sort of makes sense. Windows phone has been a dud. Windows Zune was a dud. Windows tablets have been duds. From what I've seen based on the Beta Windows 8 is a sad attempt to create one all encompassing OS for phones, tablets, desktops (kind of like Lion). It's outright horrific. Touchscreen is not appropriate in all instances. It just isn't.I foresee (ours included) most businesses hanging on to Windows 7 (which is a great OS) even longer than...
Which is scary considering I've seen articles speculating that if Windows 8 isn't a huge success that MS will abandon the desktop OS market to focus on their server line. Then what do we do? Dust off my NeXTCube?
Of course if you have a plasma this isn't an issue....
New Posts  All Forums: