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I vaguely remember us having this exact argument months, years? ago
iTunes will let you export from AAC to MP3 or WAV? I thought only certain songs don't have DRM on them - most songs have to be played in iTunes.
Yes but you can't transfer it to your Sony player - it's legal as long as it's only on an Apple system. So in essence Apple owns the song - not you.
Enjoy trying to transfer your digital file to another system - you're breaking the law. A physical CD is mine. I can do whatever the hell I want with it, play it in any player I want, legally sell it to someone else etc. etc. Convenience and lethargy will be the death of us all.
SACD is only dead if we stop buying them! I for one still do. Fleetwood Mac's Rumours sounds amazing on SACD.
Do you also think movies in DD5.1 sound as good as those in DTS-HD?
Then you wasted your money.
You kids and your downloaded music. If I want hi fidelity I'll listen to my SACD's.
All of which wouldn't have happened to begin with had Bill Clinton the balls to pull the trigger during his reign.......and conveniently neglecting that all the intelligence apparatus put in place to catch Bin Laden was initiated while Bush was in power.
Like invading Libya on the same BS pretense used to invade Iraq? Like repealing the ban on assassination that had been in place since the 70's? Like authorizing legislation giving him the sole power to arrest anyone, US citizen or not, anywhere in the world and hold them indefinitely without trial? Like renewing the Patriot act? Like breaking his promise to close Guantanamo Bay?
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