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 A commercial failure maybe. But a technical wonder and one of the best Macs ever. Easily the most upgradeable since the Color Classic.
Please. This is AppleInsider....I'd much rather read a story about a fuzzy photo of some part of the iPhone 6 from some factory in China.
 Ya....strangely I find my iPhone 5 is a bit better now under iOS 7 as well.
Damn. No more looking at naked pictures of my friend's wife on his phone...
Nope. I got it now.
I can't seem to do it.
Yay! Updates for my beloved Snow Leopard!
 Disc rot in reality is not a significant issue. I have yet to have a DVD, Blu-Ray or even Laserdisc (at least where it won't play) have this problem. We're talking over a thousand discs.
 I'd maybe want to use RAID6
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