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Yay! Updates for my beloved Snow Leopard!
 Disc rot in reality is not a significant issue. I have yet to have a DVD, Blu-Ray or even Laserdisc (at least where it won't play) have this problem. We're talking over a thousand discs.
 I'd maybe want to use RAID6
 You're right, it's so easy to lose my 400 Blu-Ray collection.Funny story, I recently bought a Western Digital myBook to backup my iMac. Well wouldn't ya know it, the POS died last week. Good thing it wasn't my main drive, good thing my entire collection of movies wasn't on it.
I'm actually planning on getting one sometime in the next couple weeks - for one reason only.   I had PVR'd Season 3 of The Killing, but for some reason two episodes were missing. I see that you can get them on iTunes, but I want to watch them on my 65"plasma. It's a Smart TV, so I could sign up for Netflix and watch it that way, but then I wouldn't have surround.   We'll see how it goes. I usually prefer physical media (the only media you truly own), but there might...
Originally Posted by StruckPaper      How many smartphones have substantially longer battery life that are not significantly fatter?   I had to get a 5 when my 4 broke....I wish I had my 4 back.
Anyone know if the battery life is as abysmal as it is on the iPhone 5?
Apple still works on computers?   Must be the guy no one likes working in the basement and who is no longer on the payrole...
NeXTStep was a thing of beauty...   I remember the first time I fired up my Turbo slab and logged in - it was like 'whoa'...a whole different level of an experience. I've yet to come across any other OS since that I've had the same reaction to unfortunately.
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