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Anyone know if the battery life is as abysmal as it is on the iPhone 5?
Apple still works on computers?   Must be the guy no one likes working in the basement and who is no longer on the payrole...
NeXTStep was a thing of beauty...   I remember the first time I fired up my Turbo slab and logged in - it was like 'whoa'...a whole different level of an experience. I've yet to come across any other OS since that I've had the same reaction to unfortunately.
That's pretty cool. I'm moving into a new house and was going to wall mount my PC - being able to do the same with the new iMac is great.
  A number of studies how shown they as well as hand sanitizers aren't overly effective at killing the flu virus.  
Yes, cause that's what I want, in addition to being stuck in a steel tube with hundreds of other sniffling, snotty nosed passengers I now get to play with a touchscreen that who knows how many flu riddled people have used before me.   Now excuse me while I store some of my urine in a jar.
They can give it to me.... Actually someone bought me one share years ago as a gift. I think it's split a couple times since then, though I don't know how to track that. But anyway, I'm reminded of the story whereby if you had bought one share in Microsoft in the 70's you'd be a billionaire today. Well let's see how that works in reality - bought when it was less than $20 a share, and it's now worth $440. Throw in a couple splits and let's round up to $1500. So I'm now a...
What about 'Squirting Midget'???
If anyone actually has the time to go through all that - they can have at er. How the heck to people come up with this stuff?
Wake me up when the focus is on stability and not trying to merge iOS...
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