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No, they've moved on from prequels to 'reimaginings'.
Seems like a lot of people having issues are using relatively new Macs. I've never had a problem with my 2006 iMacs. One can only think that Apple's quality control has gone in the toilet the past few years - that plus the fact I'm forced to get a glossy screen means I'll never by updating to new hardware.
I'd only agree in so far as each new release becomes more and more of an UI abomination. For God sakes Apple come up with a consistent set of interface guidelines and STICK TO THEM!!!
Wow. Good thing they spent all that time bringing out an OS focused on stability and reliability
Maybe they can woo that guy in jail for killing his wife...
I wonder if you could force a 27" non-glossy screen into it? Think that would void the warranty?
Does anyone know if that Mac clone maker sells Matte screens?
People who don't treat security as something of an afterthought...
Just switch to Token Ring for new Macs....problem solved
But the real question is which seems snappier?
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