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I for one welcome our iPad overlords...
Awesome! Now you get to hold one giant heat sink in your hands.....I see a market for Apple oven mitts in the future!
That's actually kind of funny...
Um, right.....
Problem also exists with Electronic companies in general as well. IE. Pioneer not honoring their warranties on defective Kuro displays...
Apple's quality control has been abysmal the past few years - about the same time they started sourcing products from China. I'll stick with my non-glare iMac that I've had zero issues with thank you very much.
Furthermore, most of these quality issues started happening (years ago) when they stopped manufacturing in the States or Ireland and started sourcing from China!
And yet these problems don't exist in the PC world....so no, it's not ATI's or Nvidia's fault.
Do drunk monkeys do quality control at Apple? Seriously.
I noticed the same thing on my oldschool iMac. Thought it was something wrong with the media. How does Apple screw up something that's worked since what? 10.0? Pathetic.
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