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Maybe they can woo that guy in jail for killing his wife...
I wonder if you could force a 27" non-glossy screen into it? Think that would void the warranty?
Does anyone know if that Mac clone maker sells Matte screens?
People who don't treat security as something of an afterthought...
Just switch to Token Ring for new Macs....problem solved
But the real question is which seems snappier?
I'm not going to fire up my Turbo Dimension Cube, but I bet if I did, the calculator in NeXTStep would work fine
It'd be nice if they made it so you could tell you have more than one 'document' per app open in the Dock, much like Windows 7 does.
First off, I'm NOT trolling, I upgraded both my Macs days after SL was released. That said, there seems to be an awful lot of fixes not long after SL went gold. For an OS that was supposed to be about quality and stability instead of new features this is somewhat akin to a bad joke. Unlike MS with their slew of security patches - these are FUNCTIONALITY fixes. Sad.
Anyone know where I can get a decent browser for my 2100?
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