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Anyone know where I can get a decent browser for my 2100?
If it doesn't have a non-glossy screen it's a no go for me.
Who cares? Maybe it's a crap app?
I don't get it....on wininformant.com Paul says the Zune HD destroys the Touch and the iPhone....I'm so confused.
Maybe "PC" can mention the crashing iPods in the next "I'm a Mac" commercial
He might be referring the reported problems people had with condensation forming inside the glass screen they put on to make the display nice and glossy He could also be speculating that if they make it thinner they'll have the same problems the air and some other macbooks had with overheating - where Apple's 'fix' was a firmware upgrade that merely made the system run slower.
Huh, I guess I'll stick with my Kuro plasma instead of switching to the OLED based XBR's when they come out.
They don't need to make it thinner, they need to make it BETTER - with a non-glossy screen and a real keyboard as well. Until that happens I won't be getting a new Mac. Ever.
I shouldn't have focused on 64bit, but instead the other features such as Grand Central etc.
The point being, why upgrade to a product that will likely be updated next year with a version that takes advantage of the new SL features.
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