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- Aqua themed scroll bars - New shading 'grey' theme in Leopard (see App folder for example) - Quicktime 'chrome' theme - New 'desktop' for Widgets (why just them?) - Itunes interface spreading to some apps (Finder) but not all - Quicktime is now getting yet another theme (it's a frickin app people!!!) - What the heck is the deal with the fonts and spacing in the Help Menu???? - Some apps give the spinning beach ball, some still give the hourglass etc. etc. ad naseum.
Not much has changed except to throw even more interface styles into the already overflowing mix. I love Apple, and I prefer OS X to Windows, but admit it, the thing is the poster child for how NOT to adhere to your own interface guidelines.
Gee, you're right. That one well known example completely invalidates my point. Silly me. At least they fixed it in their latest release.
Wow the number of different interfaces present in OS X just keeps growing with each new release. Last time I checked Quicktime was an application therefore it should have the same interface as any other application. This is one area that Microsoft consistently outperforms Apple.
Well I think if they were serious, they'd go back to the strategy they used to have of selling discounted models specifically for education clients - ie. eMac, 17" iMac etc.
I can probably guarantee you I've been using Macs much, much longer than you have... While your head is stuck firmly in the ground maybe check out the Help menu item in Leopard...er, why the different font sizing and spacing? Why a new interface for Quicktime? Isn't Quicktime an app? Aqua elements, Chrome elements all miss mashed together etc. etc. ad naseum. I critique because I care.
I think the same group of drunk monkeys doing OS interface design at Apple are also doing their quality control.
Maybe they'll fix that little gem of having the fonts and spacing different when you select the Help menu. Anyone know when this little 'improvement' was introduced?
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