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I think I have McAfee installed on one of my Color Classics running OS 7.6.1. Seriously though, try surfing the web from an old OS - I surf pr0n sites all the time on my NeXTCube
"Hi, I'm a young, hip, modern woman looking for a laptop for under $100. I'd like to have a Mac but I'm just not special enough for them. Hey look, I found this one on the bottom shelf at my local Walmart, the manual is in Chinese, but it's exactly what I'm looking for. Congratulations! It's a PC!"
For God sakes! Get the Beatles catalog on iTunes already!!!
What? No mention that OS X now sports at least elements of SIX different interfaces all jumbled together?
The reason they aren't any viruses for Macs is the hax0rs all own Macs and actually like them. That said it wouldn't take much to make a crippling virus targetting OS X - especially when they are the FIRST systems routinely cracked during the well publicized hacking contests.
I can't run OpenCL on my iMac....that makes me sad
Bring back the Newton!
I agree, taking pictures will be aaaawkward!
I wish someone at Apple would be tasking with coming up with a consistent user interface for OS X...\
UAC is still a mess. Want to change the setting from default to make the prompts less intrusive? You HAVE to be logged in with an account that has local admin privileges. That's beyond stupid!
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