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    So if I'm watching a movie where a girl is servicing a horse while a line of midgets take turns one after the other of plowing her from behind....as long as she has pubes it's 'art'?   Well consider me a purveyor of fine art then!  
Pictures please...
Hope he didn't get Jobs' NeXTStation....apparently he kept one of the very last ones made on the final day of the factory operating.
  Why must you incessantly mock people who have a contrary opinion to how super duper awesome everything Apple does?   SL is by far the most stable of the OS X releases. There's a reason there's still a large percentage of people using it. And for the record....I still use OS 9 (and 7.6.1 and 8.1 and 8.6) - you know the best releases from each era.  
Ya, obviously I'll have to play with one in person, but based on what I've seen this is the first Mac in a long time which has excited me. I had to endure much scorn and ridicule on here with my assertion that my current matte iMac would be my last as I refused a glossy screen. While I love my current iMac it's getting a bit long in the tooth - the last iPhoto update kinda broke the camel's back as it was so noticeably slow.   The lack of an optical drive is somewhat...
So are you just saying that....or have you actually seen one in person yet?
Has anyone actually seen these in person yet? Wondering what the new anti-glare screen is like...
The fact that I can still run computers that are pushing 30 is amazing. Compare this to modern electronics which tends to crap out just after the warranty expires. It's planned obsolescence and while it may be the norm it's wrong. If I'm spending over $3000 for a fully loaded iMac it would have been nice if Apple had spent a few extra pennies per cap for longevity's sake.  
Um. Wrong. Most SE/30's that aren't recapped are no longer working or are exhibiting symptoms of cap leakage which corrodes the motherboard.   In fact I would suspect that most component failures in any electronic device are due to cap failures.   There's a very active community of people dedicated to replacing these ticking time bombs which tantalum caps which will never leak.   On the flip side, all my Amiga's which are even older than my SE/30's which use...
As someone who's had to shell out a bunch of money and be stressed to the max getting my old SE/30's, IIci's etc. recapped I find it quite annoying that Apple is still using the same capacitor technology in their current products. Why are they not using Tantalum caps???? Anyone? Oh right, designed for future failure.
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