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Hmmmm. Here's a solution for Mr. Hopey Changey - maybe stop bombing the hell out of useless countries overseas and subsidizing Israel while Americans starve.
If Forstall was the reason for the abomination known as skeumorphism then I'm glad he's gone. Maybe miracle of miracles we'll have a consistent interface which we last had in OS 9!
That's funny. My understanding is Apple invented Cleartype and MS paid them a licensing fee for every copy of Windows sold.  
They left the business because people started to become more accepting of crap quality. I call it the Wal-Mart generation.  
Speaking as someone who managed to grab the last Pioneer Kuro available in Western Canada, this is distressing news to say the least as my next Plasma was going to be a Panasonic. Who the hell am I supposed to buy a quality TV from now???
I'm happy with my Photoshop Elements 5 I grabbed off eBay for $6 :)
  Careful or the moderator will mock you....  
Great to see updates for SL - considering it'll be the last Apple OS I run.
Does it fix the Javascript issue introduced with Mountain Lion whereby webcam feeds will freeze after a few seconds?
I hear he got freaky with Karina Smirnoff when he was on Dancing With the Stars...  
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