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Can you have it so that when someone sends me an email with an attachment from Outlook it comes in properly and not as a winmail.dat!   And no, it's not Outlook, because the same email sent to my wife shows up fine in her Mail - and this is on the same iMac.
That's awesome. I love Barcelona.   I was overcome with emotion when I visited the Temple Sagrada Familia - it was easily the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.   Good on Apple for not being complete corporate shills in terms of their branding.  
...and when you do it'll tell you that you need to be running Lion to install.
But will it be in 3D???  
I'm sure 600,000 other smug people are saying the same thing....
Wow, dramatic much? Not sure how you could misconstrue what I said... Everyone knows that what Steve wanted, Steve got. He liked glossy displays, so we got glossy displays. Period. The argument about being what the public wanted is hilarious.
Wow. Jobs dies and suddenly we have anti-glare iMacs in the offering. I for one am interested, as I have previously indicated my current matte screen iMac would be my last Mac. I'd have to see the new systems in person though. Also, I question the continued desire to make them slimmer. Those slim LED TV's don't have an Intel processor and hard drive in them! I foresee more heating issues when these are released.
They should have used Ahnold's voice and could have called it 'Governator'.
Now that Jobs is gone Apple's slogan of 'Think Different' is now 'Just as bad as our competitors'...
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