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"Bringing more of iOS to Mac OS" Which is why I'll be sticking with Snow Leopard...
You're right - I actually mean't to say Panasonic. When (hopefully not for years) my Kuro dies, I'll most likely get one from them.
Well considering the only real company still making plasmas is Sharp - their statement is nothing if not hypocritical.
Not sure this is a good thing. Apple has now become what they used to make fun of (IBM, Microsoft) at the beginning. Apple owns the consumer device space. Anytime a company comes out with something, even if it might actually be a superior product it dies a quick death as all consumers want is Apple. In the end when there's no real competition innovation declines. What happened to Sony will eventually happen to Apple.
Good point. Maybe they'd call it iPad 12.5?
I'm holding out for the iPad 13...
Ok, then by your reasoning someone wouldn't be able to distinguish being at a symphony live vs listening to it on their iPod.I find that ludicrous.
pwned? What are you 12? Let's just agree to disagree
I vaguely remember us having this exact argument months, years? ago
iTunes will let you export from AAC to MP3 or WAV? I thought only certain songs don't have DRM on them - most songs have to be played in iTunes.
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