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I love how you think I somehow should feel compelled to do so..."That new vehicle you sold me gives me 3rd degree burns""Yes, but it comes with XM Radio....."In any event, I'll probably end up grabbing an iPad 2 for cheap.....
Water freezing is an easier concept for a Canadian to understand than boiling water is
So it runs hotter and is heavier. How is this a step forward?
Might as well save it. You just can't argue with stupid.
You attacked a Hominem???
Newfie talking to Siri...."Siri my bah, what's the quickest way to leave these mainlanders and go home so I can have me screech and kiss me cod lard tunderin Jesus!""I'm sorry, I'm programmed to only understand English..."
Great news Eh!
Yup. My current Mac will be my last Mac. At first it was because they switched the iMacs to glossy displays, but now it's their continued 'dummification' of OS X. I've long since accepted their completely inconsistent interface, but that's also another nail in the coffin.Looks like my next OS will be some version of Linux.Sucks as I've been using Mac's since the mid-80's.
New Posts  All Forums: