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They should have used Ahnold's voice and could have called it 'Governator'.
Now that Jobs is gone Apple's slogan of 'Think Different' is now 'Just as bad as our competitors'...
I must say that 5.1.4 was an improvement for me. Although I had it crap out once, it's much better than the almost daily occurrence of before. That said, I've never had that happen to me using Firefox. Oh well, baby steps I guess.
I don't have an AppleTV, but the interface has to be better than OS X which is a god awful patchwork of 10 years of mucking about without adhering to consistent guidelines.
Corel....ATI....Nortel....RIM.... Sigh.
Well that's just silly. I can't accomplish your tagline of being able to play games while taking a dump with a colouring book...
I love how you think I somehow should feel compelled to do so..."That new vehicle you sold me gives me 3rd degree burns""Yes, but it comes with XM Radio....."In any event, I'll probably end up grabbing an iPad 2 for cheap.....
Water freezing is an easier concept for a Canadian to understand than boiling water is
So it runs hotter and is heavier. How is this a step forward?
Might as well save it. You just can't argue with stupid.
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