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Wondering if anyone has any advice for me as to the best way to rebuild my iTunes library while keeping all my playlists. Here is what I did so far and would like to do. I built an excel spreadsheet with all the songs of each playlist. Each excel file has a column for Name, Artist, Album. I figured this was good enough for information. What I would like to do is re-import all of my songs into a new iTunes library so that I have no duplicates etc.. and have a clean...
Does anyone have any advice how to properly sync mail between iphone, mac and mobile me or the cloud? If for example my mac shows all my emails that I want displayed on the cloud and on my iphone, how can I get all those messages over to the devices? ANy advice on properly setting up syncing between iphones, mac and the cloud would be great. thanks. David
Awesome thanks..... D.
Has anyone been able to change the colour of the label on their start-up volume? I can see the different colours but it's staying on the original colour and will not let me change it. thanks. David
Not sure if this is the place to ask this type of question, but I am running Lion on one of my macs and have observed what I would consider to be an issue and I am unsure if it is with Lion or something else. When I launch Safari, it re-opens all the previous windows I had opened. Even if I gracefully quit Safari it will open the last window. This is the same for all my applications like quicktime. As soon as I open up a quicktime video, it opens up the previous...
I did post it to apple thanks very much Mr. Me. And personally I see no issues with letting people know when an issue is found as they may have a suggestion or work around. At no point in time was my comment a complaint, it was simply an observation.
Anotehr note with Lion. If you plan on using ARD (latest version) you need to know that it does not work. WHen I go to launch ARD it indicates that the client version installed is not compatible. It says to run system update. When I run system update no new version is available. It is the latest version that I was using with 10.6 On a side note, when I launch dashboard, the display screens for ARD work. Both on my local Lan and external. So somehow those display...
In case anyone is attempting to connect to their QNAP NAS after installing LION I can let you know that it does not seem possible if you are doing it via AFP. Doing it via SMB works fine but with AFP I get the error below indicating that the version of the server I am trying to connect to is not supported. I assume this may have something to do wight he version of AFP that QNAP is using but who knows.
Once in a while I get a message from time machine indicating that the wrong username and password was provided and the backup could not run. Of course 1 hr later the backup runs fine I am not concerned with this error but would like to know if there is a way to prevent this message from appearing on my screen. It gets anoying when working and out of the blue the message show up Any hints to prevent time machine messages from displaying
Does anyone have an idea why my login items under my user name still open up when my mac boots up? I am running 10.6 Under my user name I dragged over 4 folders "from a network drive" so that they would mount upon the computer booting up. I checked the "hide" box next to the folders but they still open up on the desktop when the computer boots up. Any idea how I can just have them mount and that is it when the computer boots up. I don't require going into these...
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